Side boob and booty

There are a lot of was to say ass. Booty, butt, pompies, and many many more. But today we are using the word Booty because well its cute like Keira. And this is a photo of Keira and her side boob and booty. Now taking a look at this photo can you tell us what you think about her body? That side boob and booty are just amazing and you know just looking that you need to see more. You need her to turn and face the camera. To Show off her full frontal body.

Take a close look at the photo right now. If this stirs something deep in your thighs it will be worth the time to click a text link and see a lot more right now.
Side boob and booty

In the rest of the set she shows off a lot more than just side boob and booty. In fact she spreads her ass to show her love hole. And she also gets that cock hard for you to see. Yes its hot and yes if you miss this set you will regret not seeing it. Oh, and did I mention there is also a movie of this action as well? Click right now!

Shaved trans girl cock

Who else likes a shaved trans girl cock? Yeah me also. And today I have a photo of Keira Verga posing and you will love this. This photo is the definition of a shaved trans girl cock and so much more. Just take a look below!

Click on the image to see the whole photo set and also the movie in the members area.
Shaved trans girl cock

Now most of you know about this set. Its Keira Verga having phone sex. She was playing with the phone and wanted so much to have a hot man on the other end of the line. She would have preferred to have some hot video phone sex but her hotel phone did not support that. So she had to just want you to call her. She needed to talk to a hot man with a hard cock. In fact she was so hot you can see her shaved trans girl cock was getting that way and was ready to fuck.

Now can you just imagine calling her and starting to have phone sex and getting her heated up. Then walking into her room and finding her sitting like this and wanting more? What would you have done. I would say at least 60% of our viewers would have dropped to their knees. And sucked that beautiful trans girl cock.

Post comments in the members area about what you would want to do with Keira.

Upskirt or Flashing

So what is this for you. Upskirt or flashing and which do you prefer? If its one in the same like it is for me, its fucking hot and I always want more. So there are different ideas about Upskirt or flashing. Some people say the girl can not know its being recorded for it to be upskirt. Others say that it does not matter. Also some say that flashing has to be done to strangers in very public places.

What do you think about those two options and why? Me personally seeing Keira Verga in a skirt and knowing she does not have on panties. Well thats fucking hot and I can never get enough of it. I always want more. The best thing is that this set is huge and you will love it. Short skirt, with her long legs and that big cock showing. How could you not?

Upskirt and flashing

You really need to see more of this photo set right now. Just click on a text link or the image above and start enjoying Keira naked right now. Her body is amazing and her cock gets really big when she is hard.

Also remember that Keira loves to hear from you so make sure and post comments here and in the members area of her website.

Petite trans girl

Lots of guys like the girls petite. So we bring to you a photo of this petite trans girl Keira Verga. And the best part about this photo. Is simply that Keira is flashing her hot body. Well ok you can not see her ass in these photos. But you can see her small natural tits and also her big cock before she gets it hard.

You can also see her beautiful face and her very long legs. This petite trans girl never fails to impress no matter what she is wearing or not wearing. So now that you can see this sample below its time to make a decision. Do you continue to look around for the free samples? Or take a minute to join Keira and her fans in her members area? Can you already call yourself a fan? If so, just click a text link or an image and get signed up right now.

Petite trans girl

Do not miss out on not only seeing the rest of this hot photo set. But also make sure to see the videos in the members area. Everything is hot, and easy to find. Just click right now to get started! Your going to really love this!

Sexy pantyhose

So I was trying on all sorts of clothing when someone handed me a small package and said try these on. I looked at it and was a bit confused because I had never seen a package like it before. It was like a little plastic easter egg. But it had a seam so I opened it up and it had pantyhose in it. In fact they were quite sexy pantyhose and I thought they looked amazing. I could not wait to get them on.

Now if you have never put on sexy pantyhose or stockings you know that you need to go slow. A single snag and they are ruined. So I took my time. Then being a bit tired I sat down and rested a min. As you can see of the sexy stockings in the photo below, I was not completely finished putting them on. But I felt the photo was hot and I wanted to share it with you! So you see a little sweet treat sticking up some?

Ahh Yes. I can see the light in your eyes as you realize what I am talking about. So click a text link or the image to see more of that treat and the photos in this set. You will love this hot shot.
Sexy Pantyhose

I really hope this was hot enough for you to want to see more.

Side Boob and Ass.

Want to check out some Side boob and ass on me? Yeah I thought that you might. But before we get into talking about the photo below I wanted to thank you for being a fan. Also to tell you I really hope you enjoy the photos that I share here with you. I honestly love them and do my best to use only the hottest ones.

OK so about this photo. I was actually modeling the shoes you see me in. But it this photo and the others came out so hot we used the whole set in my members area. And of course I took the set even further by getting naked! But this photo shows mostly Side boob and ass and that is super hot. Or at least a lot of you guys tell it its hot so I thought that I would share it with you and see what you thought. So please make sure to comment below.

Side boob and ass

Also remember that I have a couple of other things to show off in this set and I know you are going to love them. Just click a text link and see right now. Make sure to comment in the members area about the sets you like the most. And especially on the video sets.

Thick Juicy cock

So you wanted to see some Thick Juicy Cock? Well you know that you are on the blog all about Keira Verga and you know that she has that Thick Juicy cock waiting for you. And she is always showing it off. So sit back, relax and read a little and enjoy her cock, her tits and the sexy lingerie she is almost wearing. 🙂

Keira Verga as you already know has a very firm body. Literally no fat on her and she still looks super tasty. Her ass is round and tight and a bit small but very sexy. Her love hole is so tight your going to peel your cock trying to get inside of her. But that will be the greatest ache and pain you have ever felt. So enjoy it if you get the chance.

Keira also has very nice and shapely legs and she also likes to show those off with the shortest skirts and high heels on. Just take a look at this photo below and see what you think about her body and over all look!

We think its stunning. By the way you can click to photo to see more.
Thick Juicy cock

Now that you can see a bit of a sample of that cock. How about seeing the entire length and girth. Simply click on the image or a text link and see the rest of this hot photo set in the members area of Keira’s website.