Keira Verga Upskirt and heels.

Yeah I know I know. You are asking how in the hell do we get upskirt and heels. For the most part UpSkirt is done without the knowledge of the girl wearing the skirt. Well this Keira Verga Upskirt and heels shot is no exception to that. While filming Keira laid down on the floor to wait for a light to be moved and the camera guy was behind her. Unknown to Kiera this shot was taken. Hence the Keira Verga UpSkirt and Heels. You can not only see the super hot upskirt shot. but also her heels that she still had on. When we asked Keira why she had her cock pushed back like that she explained that it helps her keep her cock hard. And it makes it ache for that release of cum.

Not everyone likes upskirt shots but we really hope that this one is something different. We hope this creates that ache in your cock and balls to want to see more of her amazing body. So enjoy this free sample of Keira Verga upskirt and heels. Then click on the image and go check out the members area of her website. Its as simple as a few clicks and you can be a member. Enjoying the hundreds of photo sets and movies. All shot in UHD for your viewing pleasure. Just click right now.

Keira Verga Upskirt and heels

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Short skirt and a tight tranny ass.

Well its that time again and your going to love this sample. We have below a great video clip and an awesome photo of Keria in a short skir and showing off her tight tranny ass. But whats so hot about this, is the way the short skirt shows off her tight tranny ass.

Most of you know that Kiera Verga has a night tight and bubble butt. Its very round and perfectly shaped. With her ass cheeks so tight its actually kind of hard to get your cock indide. But ones your hard cock penetrates her ass cheeks then it slides up to the tighter entrance to her tight tranny ass. Now this is the part where it starts to be a lot of fun. Just as your cock gets to her love hole, or tranny pussy as some call it. You find that you need to push even harder. Her tight tranny ass cheeks are squeezing your shaft while her love hole resists your efforts to penetrate her. Just push gently and smoothly and you will feel that Pop. Thats the head of your cock finally making its way deeper into Keira.

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Short skirt

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Keira Vergas CockTail dress

Ok so I found this stunning photo of Keira Verga and I had to share this. One of the main reasons is the I guess funny thing about the photo. Can you imagine that when I say it, the first thought was, Keria Vergas Cocktail dress. I mean really. Being a Trans, Keira Vergas cocktail dress takes on an entirely new meaning.

Even though its kind of funny that dress on her amazing body is fucking hot! The little black dress looks sexy enough. But once her amazing trans girl curves fill it out. Well its spanking material. Just take a look for yourself at the image below and decide. We would love it if you scrolled down and made some comments here about it on this blog. Otherwise you can comment on it in the members area of Keiras website.

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Keira Vergas cocktail dress

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Shaved trans girl cock

So how about some shaved trans girl cock? Well when its the beauty Keira Verga how can you not want to see this? Keira Vera is first and foremost a beautiful woman. She is a pretty latina trans girl with a hot set of big tits. She also has an amazing cock. As you can see in the image below this Shaved trans girl cock is beautiful, big and long. She gets that cock nice and hard and all you need to do that is to start kissing her. You can kiss her soft and sexy lips. Or nibble on her neck and work your way down to her big tits. Playing with her nipples and enjoying the swell of her side boob.

You can also bend Keira over and lick her tight and beautiful ass. If that does not get her cock hard then its time to take that shaved trans girl cock into your mouth and start sucking on it. As he head penetrates your lips, you will feel it start to grow. The bigger it gets in your mouth the easier it is to suck on.

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Shaved Trans girl cock

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Trans Sleeping Beauty

Trans Sleeping Beauty!  I was caught…with well, my pants down again….LOL.  This a long of day of shooting many new scenes. Trans Sleeping Beauty!   I was out late the night before being irresponsible, so when I was called in the morning I had only a few hours sleep.

My hair takes two hours to get straight along with a 45 minute drive to where we were shooting.  By days end I was really tired.  I took a little nap and as you can see, while I was tired, my perky shecock certainly wasn’t.  My friend took this and a bunch of other pictures because she said I looked so peaceful, sexy, and above all, very hard. There is also a chance I might have been dreaming of being with a man like you. Furthermore I often wake up with a hard on and I need help with it.

I thought they were some of the best pictures of the day, and I wasn’t even awake for them 🙂

Trans Sleeping Beauty


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Teen Tranny In Black Dress

Teen Tranny In Black Dress! Hey guys its me, Keira Verga.  I love this dress so much.  Makes me feel so sexy with the way it hangs and is so sleek and sheer.  I wanted to show everybody how good it looked too. Of course, you do get a sneak peak of what’s under it as well ;-).  For those of you who know me, you already understand that I get hard when the wind blows. For those of you who do not really know me. Just turn on a fan! Or better, be a fan and blow me! Jijiji

Teen Tranny

Care to guess what I’m thinking?

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Spread shemale legs!

Spread shemale legs!  I want to spread my legs just like this, right in front of your face, and let you do whatever you want to my cock, balls and ass. Would you also run your tongue down my Spread shemale legs, and suck on my pretty feet?

Spread shemale legs

Let me plant an idea in that amazing head of yours. You have been at work all day. Dealing with people and the boss and the person in the office next to you. The drive have has been just as hard with bad traffic. An idiot cuts you off and you yell but no one hears! By the time you walk in the door you are beat. Head down. Your eyes are tired and you just want to get out of your work clothes.

Now, lift your head and look into the living room. You will see me sitting on the chair like this. What is the first thought that crosses your mind? Will you drop your things and walk over to me and take me. Ravage my tranny hole to release your frustrations?

Maybe you will sit down opposite of me and pull your cock out and start stroking it. Letting me watch you. While watching my cock grow hard and my love hole twitch needing you indside me!

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