Latina trans

Latina Trans Keira Verga is someone special. She is one of the most natural trans girls you will ever meet. By that I mean that she has had the least surgery of most of the girls out there.

Yes Keira had her implants done but that is the only surgery she has so far. Nothing has been done to her face and this Latina trans also happens to have a very natural and tight ass. And that means lots of fun for us. No scars and no areas that are sensitive. She has the perfect ass for licking and or fucking and she loves to have both done to her.

Keira is a versatile girl and that means that she will go as a top or bottom. Active or passive what ever way you refer to it. She is ready and willing to make sure that both of you get off.

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Latina Trans

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Panties Balls Cock. Which of the three do you like the most?

Panties Balls Cock. Which of the three do you like the most? So guys Panties balls cock. Thats the three that are the topic and even what I am showing in the photo for you. So tell me! Which do you like the most? Also for those of you that prefer foot ball over my balls. I have that as well! 🙂 For those of you who want to play with my balls or cock lets keep talking. Use your teeth to remove my panties! Make sure to kiss my skin as you move down. A little tongue action and also a little nibbling is nice! Dont forget once you get those panties off of me and all my parts are free! To move back up and either stroke me until I am hard. Or suck me until I am stiff and ready to explode.

Panties Balls Cock

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Sexy Red Lingerie! Big tits Big cock and Kiera Verga!

Sexy Red Lingerie! Big tits Big cock and Kiera Verga! So do you like sexy red lingerie? I know I love to wear it and the reactions I get from men when I do. Just take a quick peek at the lingerie I have on in the photo below! Now take your cock out of your pants. Start to squeeze it a little and stroke it! Tell me what you are thinking! Would you like to remove my bra and play with my boobies? How about taking my panties off and either sucking my cock or stroking it? Maybe you just want to jam that hard cock of yours in my love hole? Come on baby! Im getting hot and horny and want you to fuck me hard and fast!

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Sexy Red Lingerie

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Sensual Teen Tranny

Sensual Teen Tranny! I thought it would be nice to do a sensual black and white shoot at my house.  I thought it really came out nice don’t you?  Of course I gave sneak peak of my pretty shemale cock.  You wanted to see it right?

I know you want to feel it get hard while you stroke it.  Just think of the fun we could have.  I know I do.  Hope you like these pictures.  I should did like making them for you 🙂

Sensual Teen Tranny

I’m feeling so sexy right now.  YUM!

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Hung Teen Trans

Want to check out one of the worlds hottest Hung Teen trans girls? Yeah of course you do and its Keira Verga. She was just 19 and about to turn 20 when she made this photo set. In fact its one of the last official teen photo sets in her website. Yeah yeah we know. Most teens are teens for at least 20 years but one thing Keira always insisted on was once she was now longer a teen we would not push her photos as such. However showing them when she was a teen and talking about it is ok. So take a look! Right here at the Hung Teen Trans.

Its a little hard to see in this photo of Keira but if you look close you can see her cock. It is kind of pushed down onto the chair and then if you look back up her body you will see how far down her cock really is. It gives you a nice idea of how big Keira’s cock is. And why we call her a hung teen trans.

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Hung Teen Trans

TransGender Perfection with the stunning Keira Verga!

TransGender Perfection with the stunning Keira Verga! So, looking at this photo can you figure out why its called TransGender Perfection?

If you know Keira Verga then you also know that she has never had facial surgery. Her cock is all natural and so is her noes. 🙂 And her total look is natural except for her boobs. But now days with every woman getting implants it was natural for Keira to do the same.  Her boobs are perfect for her body size. Rather than getting some massive set or something too small she worked it out to have them exactly the right size.  Furthermore, her ass is also natural and its nice and round and her little love tunnel is exactly that. Very tight and small.

This is one body that you would probably shoot your load just touching for the first time. If that does happen do not worry. Keira can get you hard again by either sucking your cock or fucking your ass and stroking you!

TransGender Perfection

Very rarely will you find a prettier TransGender girl. Kiera is a loving little doll and she likes to go out and party. So if you are in her area and also an easy going guy! Look her up!

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Trans Girl upskirt! Yes I posed for this!

Trans Girl upskirt! Yes I posed for this! There is rarely if ever an upskirt shot that was not posed. The rare occasion that it happens for real, you can instantly tell.The real ones are hot. So its a lot of work to make the posed ones just as hot. So I felt that leaving the panties out of it would do the trick. What do you think about my idea? Or do I reshoot with panties?

But I thought that a hot Trans Girl upskirt photo set would be a nice turn on. Most of you guys love a short skirt anyway and that means getting a nice peek upskirt! So take a good look at this photo right below. Also make sure to check out the rest of this set in my members area. You will love seeing my cock get hard for you!

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Trans Girl UpSkirt

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