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Below we have Keira Verga and her hot girlfriend Nina StrongHold in their first appearance ever! As you can see Keira is the petite girl with small natural tits and wild hair. While Nina is the busty one with a very curvy body. Keira has a big cock and Nina has a big ass. And these two trans girls are hot for each other. So sit back and start reading more about them and what they were doing this day that we recorded!

Two Trans girls

When two trans girls get together you can bet that some interesting things are going to happen. And so it was this day when we were recording Keira. She came to the shoot and pulled her friend in the door as well. Nina was shy but was dressed in a top that her her big tranny tits hanging out. And when standing side by side these two trans girls made such a hot conneciton that we just had to share them in a movie with you.

When asked if they would get naked and have some fun in the bed with each other. They kissed and started to strip. So the camera started going to grab this movie for you. Click right here now to see the rest of the movie. Or you can click on the image on the bottom of the page.

Trans girls fucking

Yeah I have said this before. But trans girls fucking is always going to be one of the hottest things you ever get to see. And if you dont believe me, then you need to watch the movie clip below to see for yourself. And just so you know. That photo of Keira Verga and Nina Stronghold at the bottom of the page is a screen cap of these amazing girls.

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Two trans girls fucking

Petite Hung Trans Girl

Who other than me love to look at a hot Petite Hung trans girl naked? Whew. There for a minute I thought it was only me. But now I can see some hands raised and Im not feeling so bad about it. But I have to admit. For me, its all about the petite ones. These trans girls have the tendencie to look a lot more feminine and also have the more fresh face of a girl that just wants some cock. Click here to see more right now\ or keep reading!

Further more a hung trans girl wants to play. She wants to play with your cock and she wants you to play with hers. It’s also fun to get these girls to dress up and go out and hide their cock as best they can in tight dresses, shirts and shorts. Then if you are smart. You will tease your trans girl until her cock gets hard and aches for release.

Petite Trans girl

When I say a petite trans girl I dont mean just small. I mean over all. Having small boobs. A nice tight but small ass. And being thin and short as well. To me this makes them very sexy and also very sensual. And when you get her big cock hard. Her cock looks even bigger because of the size of her body. So the Trans girl looks the part and makes you look bigger than you might actually be.

Chose your Petite trans girl carefully and make sure that she is one of the girls that loves to fuck. And that she also has that big cock we have been talking about. To see the one of Keira in the photos and the movie clip below. Click right here or on the photo at the bottom of the page.

Hung trans girl

Love a hung trans girl? Yeah we all do and again I mention this because when she is also petite her cock looks that much bigger. Now for the girl to really be a hung trans girl she needs to be sporting at least 9.5 inches of girl cock. And that is pretty damn big and usually pretty hefty as well.

But I want to warn you because a Hung girl is often active meaning that she is going to want to fuck you right in your ass as well. So be prepared to take as good as you get from your choice of girls. And remember that a Hung trans girl is a happy trans girl.

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Petite Hung Trans Girl

Tranny ass

Take a look at this tranny ass and tell me what you think! And I also want to ask if you know who that ass belongs to? If you already guessed that it belongs to Keira Verga then you are correct and deserve a reward. And the reward is the free video sample we have below. It is all about her ass and you know that it’s worth looking at.

Most of you know that in this set, Keira has small tits. But she now has some nice size implants. And she also has a rather big cock. But her ass has not been touched and it’s small and tight and round. And that ass is so worth its own story. Just take a peek at the image below and see for yourself. After checking the image, click and watch the video clip. Then go back to the image and click it. That link will take you to the custom and exclusive website of Keira Verga.

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Tranny ass

Tranny Cock

When it comes to finding the right girl for you. You also need to find the one with the right tranny cock for you as well. Its very important because when things get heated. She is going to want to put her cock in your ass. So you need to be sure that you can take it. And that means that it has to be the right size and shape and length. Lots of things to factor in. Oh and you also want a girl that’s hot.

So take for instance Keira Verga. She is not only beautiful and petite. But she has a nice body with a tight round tranny ass and a great set of legs on her. More often than not she is a top. But for the right man she will be a bottom and love it. You just need to get her heated up enough and then she will bend right over and let you slide your cock deep inside. Click here right now to see more.

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Tranny Cock

Small tranny tits

Very often a set of small tranny tits like Keira Verga has here is better than a set of big tits. Lots less to distract you from two other very important things. Like her tight tranny ass and also her big tranny cock. All of those things are important and usually the girl wants you to focus on her ass and cock rather than her tits. So make sure to make those your priority. Click here right now to see more.
Now from time to time a girl with a body like Keira will want you also to just focus on her whole body. So make sure to do exactly that. She will appreciate it and reciprocate. And that means pleasure for you to receive. And trust me when I say. Keira can be very attentive. And can you just imagine those lips of hers all over your body? Her hands probing you from your mouth to your ass. Playing with your cock and balls to make you rock hard?

Yeah starting to get hot just writing this and looking at her beautiful Small tranny tits! So enjoy this video below it’s a sample cut from the movie. Then click on the image below it and check out the whole movie in her members area. Keira Verga is waiting.

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Small tranny tits

Huge cock trans girl

Do you know who this huge cock trans girl is? Of course you do. It is why you are on this website and looking at her with that hunger in your eyes. This is none other than Keira Verga the petite trans girl with a huge cock and a body to die for.

If you are new to this site then you might now know much about Keira Verga. She is of course the Huge cock trans girl in the photo and also the movie clip below. And if you are wondering what you need to know about her. Well its simple. Keira is beautiful. She has a very tight little tranny ass and she has a huge cock. Its more than 10 inches long and very fat and fits in two hands when you get her hard.

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Huge cock trans girl

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Big cock trans girl

It seems a little off to talk about myself but I am the big cock trans girl in the photo and the video clip below. I am also the hottest Mexican trans girl you will ever meet. Or at least I feel that I am. Furthermore I have a great body that I want to share with you. So right now this instant, you have a choice. Click a link or the image below to get to my members area. Or just hang out here and enjoy this sample video. But make your choice soon. Then make comments below to let me know what it was and why!

As I was saying, I am a big cock trans girl and I love to show off my body. I also love men that know how to treat a lady. From opening the door for me to holding my hand as we walk. Sitting and eating or having a drink and you looking deep into my eyes. I love that in a man as it turns me on.

I also love to dress slutty when at home. Remember a lady in the streets and a whore in the sheets. And that is me!

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Big cock trans girl

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