Slutty short skit! Check out Keira’s ass!

Slutty short skit! Check out Keira’s ass! She is known for always wearing a hot and Slutty short skit! And the one she happens to have on in this video is probably one of the smallest. There is no way to hide her cock and also her balls with this tiny thing! Another thing is, it does not really matter. Sexy as hell every man that sees Keira in it wants to fuck her silly and make her cum. Everyone here feels that way when looking at a photo of her or a video of her. So go ahead and admit to yourself that you find her hot!

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Slutty short skirt

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Shemale Birthday present

Shemale Birthday present!

Hi papis (that’s babes). For those whose birthdays fall this month here goes a birthday present in the form of a hot slutty shemale.  yes guys that makes me a Shemale present! Don’t you love the red bow On my ass? Want to unwrap it?

This and more gifts like this one are waiting for you in my site. I invite you to visit it to droll for me and in you feel like pulling your thick dick out and jerk off right there do it too. I’ll be watching on my magic mirror and stroking my shecock too.

So tell me….do I look like a good birthday present to you? 🙂

Birthday Present


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Tits and Cock!! Whats not to love?

Tits and Cock!

I love girls as much as I love men, and when a girl comes paired with a cock, I just couldn’t ask for more!  That’s why I love my girlfriend Safiro so much. This Mexican shemale has a tasty medium sized cock, a great set of tits, a big round ass and in general a body to die for. That is the reason that I love Tits and Cock so much! She’s playful, great in bed and will take my cock without question… there’s something to be said about a girl that can handle my big cock in her ass, so everybody, please say nice things to my brave and always willing girlfriend Safiro! She’ll be reading your comments, so play nice!

Tits and Cock

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Hardbody trans in stockings

Want to check out a hardbody trans in stockings? Yeah of course you do and don’t say no! Like any Hardbody trans in stockings, Keira wants you to look and stare and even to touch yourself. She loves to know that you are excited looking at her body. Keira wants and likes to know that when you look at her, your cock gets hard and your balls start to ache for release.

And if you are looking at the same photo as I am. Then there is plenty of reason for your cock to start throbbing. So get that hard love rod out and lets have some fun. Keira as you can see is ready. Mine is out and ready so lets go!!!

Keira had on this set of stockings and also a hot pair of heels. She was walking around between sets but got a little chilly. So she put on the little pink night gown. Of course not wanting to waste something so sexy, the camera girl grabbed an entire photo set. And once Keiras cock started to get hard. Well. I followed along with a whole video of this amazing trans body. Keira is a queen in her own right and loves to show off how big her cock is. And we love her for it!

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Hardbody trans in stockings

Tranny tits.

Tranny tits.

What kind of Tranny tits do you like the most? As you can see in the photo below mine are not really that big. But I think they are perfect for my body and I also think my tits look firm and perky!

But let me just say when it comes to Tranny tits no one has a better perspective than you. A man with a cock that likes to look at hot tranny girls. So, cock out or not I want you to take a close look at my photo below and let me know what you think of my new tits. Is this big enough for my body or should I go bigger and make them stick out more? Tell me what you think by commenting below. Be very descriptive and make sure to tell me why you feel the way you do about a trans girls tits.

Tranny tits

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Tranny ass!

Tranny ass!

What kind of Tranny ass do you like to see. If you take a look at the photo below you will see I have a small but round and tight ass. And yes that means my hole is also tight. In fact I can probably give your cock a good squeeze while its inside my Tranny ass! Jijij I know Im a bad girl but you sure seem to like looking at me. So its time do to a little more looking. Check out the image below and then get into my site to see the rest of this set. I also have a video and that shows my tight little ass really well. Oh and yes it shows my tight hole as well.

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Tranny Ass

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