Round Tranny ass short skirt

Round tranny ass short skirt and Keira Verga in one photo. What more can a horny guy ask for? Just take a look at that short skirt and her ass inside of it. Keria has a great ass and its nice and round. So just image and see for yourself how hot her round tranny ass short skirt photo set really is. Now it is time to take a few minutes and look at this round tranny ass short skirt photo. See if you can actually see the shape of Keira’s ass cheeks. How round her ass really is. How sexy.

Then stop and think about what is under that skirt and dress in general. This photo was after Keira got her implants. So her tits are nice and big. They are also perfect shaped and ready for some love. Her ass has always been a bubble ass and looks perfect. Its a natural one and that means very rare to see on a trans girl.

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Round tranny ass short skirt

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Hung Teen Trans

Want to check out one of the worlds hottest Hung Teen trans girls? Yeah of course you do and its Keira Verga. She was just 19 and about to turn 20 when she made this photo set. In fact its one of the last official teen photo sets in her website. Yeah yeah we know. Most teens are teens for at least 20 years but one thing Keira always insisted on was once she was now longer a teen we would not push her photos as such. However showing them when she was a teen and talking about it is ok. So take a look! Right here at the Hung Teen Trans.

Its a little hard to see in this photo of Keira but if you look close you can see her cock. It is kind of pushed down onto the chair and then if you look back up her body you will see how far down her cock really is. It gives you a nice idea of how big Keira’s cock is. And why we call her a hung teen trans.

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Hung Teen Trans

Keira Verga

Hi guys. I have I have already done an intro post but this one will be special. And it will be special because it will have not only a hot photo of me, but also a video sample clip. I do hope that you like them both and I also hope that they both excite you! So, once again it is me, Keira Verga and welcome to my blog. This is where I share samples of my photos and movies with you. Its all 100% free for you to enjoy and if you read you will also find out more about me. So lets get naked and have some fun.

Now did you know that my name Keira Verga has a dirty word in it? Jijij Yes it does because I am a naughty girl and I love to do things like this. If you speak Spanish or have been around latina girls then you might have heard the word Verga. It means big hard cock or big cock. And well its kind of funny because I have a big cock and my name is Keira. So Keira Verga was born! Tada!!! What do you think? Cute, Not cute or you dont care?

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Keira Verga

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PantyHose Spread legs and Keira Verga!

PantyHose Spread legs and Keira Verga! And whats hot out this photo? Simply knowing that Keira Verga is hiding a big cock under those pantyhose spread legs and all! For those of you who have seen Keiras Cock before you know what we are talking about. Her cock is nice and long. Measuring at 9.6 inches. Then its also nice and fat. While I dont know the actual number I do know that it makes most men squeel the first time she penetrates them.  And Keira loves to fuck a mans ass. Do not get me wrong. She wants you to ride her first and give her every pounding inch that you can. So mount up and have some fun inside this tight little tranny ass. Enjoy her legs spread wide and wrapped around you!


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Pantyhose spread legs

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TransGender Perfection with the stunning Keira Verga!

TransGender Perfection with the stunning Keira Verga! So, looking at this photo can you figure out why its called TransGender Perfection?

If you know Keira Verga then you also know that she has never had facial surgery. Her cock is all natural and so is her noes. 🙂 And her total look is natural except for her boobs. But now days with every woman getting implants it was natural for Keira to do the same.  Her boobs are perfect for her body size. Rather than getting some massive set or something too small she worked it out to have them exactly the right size.  Furthermore, her ass is also natural and its nice and round and her little love tunnel is exactly that. Very tight and small.

This is one body that you would probably shoot your load just touching for the first time. If that does happen do not worry. Keira can get you hard again by either sucking your cock or fucking your ass and stroking you!

TransGender Perfection

Very rarely will you find a prettier TransGender girl. Kiera is a loving little doll and she likes to go out and party. So if you are in her area and also an easy going guy! Look her up!

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Keira Verga anal toy! How we wish she had her own toy line!

Keira Verga anal toy! How we wish she had her own toy line! That is right! Lots of men are wishing that the Keiar Verga anal toy was a line they could buy. Sadly it’s not! But we do have some photos of Keira enjoying her own toy and stroking her thick tranny cock. Oh wait! TransGender cock! 🙂 See, we are completely PC! But for now pc or not its time to check out this video clip of Keria Verga enjoying a toy in her tight and also small ass! Keira wants to share with you her most imtimate moments.

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Tranny Cleavage and Keira Vergas new boobs!

Tranny Cleavage and Keira Vergas new boobs! So do you like cleavage? Well I now have the best tranny cleavage on this blog. 🙂 It is my blog after all and I love to show off my new boobs so take a look! And I do so love when a man pays attention to my boobs. I guess not having boobs for so long made me need that attention and now I never want it to stop. When someone stares I make sure that they can see plenty. Even flashing my nipples when I can get away with it.

So yeah, this is what hot tranny cleavage looks like and the nice thing is! With implants like these you can squeeze them and make it deeper. And the deeper the cleavage the more men and even women tend to look at you. Not sure if the women are jealous but they stare and I love it. Its a turn on!

Also you can use them for a nice hard titty fuck and squirt your milk all over my face.

Tranny Cleavage

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