Spread legs

Looking at Spread legs on a hot trans girl is always nice. Now if you take a look at the photo below of Keira Verga you will see that she has spread legs but no panties and her short skirt is pulled up. All of this is hot of course. And seeing her Trans girl cock laying there is also hot. But the real focus is knowing how she got into this position in the first place.

Keira Verga as you know is a very beautiful and sexy Hung Trans girl. And she loves to show off her amazing body. Some of you may not know that she is a Latina and she has all that fire and passion in bed that you have heard about. So if you want to see more. And I am sure that you do. Because in this set she is going to slowly strip off that short dress and panties and show off her body. Spread legs and all. Just click on a text link right now. Or you can scroll down and click on the image as well. Then join her members area and find the set inside. Do not get sidetracked by all the other sets and movies. You can check them out later!

Spread legs

Bubble butt trans.

Like looking at a hot trans girl with a nice ass? How about a Bubble butt trans? Yeah I figured that would make your ears and cock perk up. Now I do want to mention a few things about a bubble butt trans girl. First of. Most are not natural. That means that they have implants. Second most dont look as nice as the one you see in the photo below. And third. Most dont taste and feel as nice as the one you see in the image below. See where I am going here? You should already know that this is Keira Verga. But what you may not know is that this bubble butt trans is a natural ass. Click to see more right now!

Keira Verga has a body that you are really going to enjoy. For many reasons and you can put a finger on all of those reasons. Literally. Lets start with the hair. She is a natural brunette and she has lots of it. Beautiful when straight or curly. Her lips are also amazing and soft and you will love the feel of them on your body. Keira has a set of big tits on her and they are very firm and round. As we have mentioned she has an amazing tight ass and that’s something that if fun to play with. But we have not yet talked about her trans girl cock.

Keira’s trans girl cock is something that you simply need to see. So just click on the image below or a text link above and get into her members area right now.
Bubble butt trans

Thick Juicy cock

So you wanted to see some Thick Juicy Cock? Well you know that you are on the blog all about Keira Verga and you know that she has that Thick Juicy cock waiting for you. And she is always showing it off. So sit back, relax and read a little and enjoy her cock, her tits and the sexy lingerie she is almost wearing. 🙂

Keira Verga as you already know has a very firm body. Literally no fat on her and she still looks super tasty. Her ass is round and tight and a bit small but very sexy. Her love hole is so tight your going to peel your cock trying to get inside of her. But that will be the greatest ache and pain you have ever felt. So enjoy it if you get the chance.

Keira also has very nice and shapely legs and she also likes to show those off with the shortest skirts and high heels on. Just take a look at this photo below and see what you think about her body and over all look!

We think its stunning. By the way you can click to photo to see more.
Thick Juicy cock

Now that you can see a bit of a sample of that cock. How about seeing the entire length and girth. Simply click on the image or a text link and see the rest of this hot photo set in the members area of Keira’s website.

Trans girl worship

Guys I thought I would write this myself because its about something special. So forgive my trans lated english. This is about Trans girl worship. And about the girl I worship and who was my inspiration in my conversion. As you can see in the photo below I am posing with Ana Mancini. She is the Blonde trans girl super star that you all love. And she is my trans girl worship. I love her and we get along well. So when I had the chance to model some hot lingerie with her I was more than willing and I got more than hard doing it.

I hope you like this sample photo and I hope that you check out the rest of our sets in my members area. Just click on the photo below. The sets are so hot and she is so beautiful. You will love seeing us together.

Trans girl worship

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