Trans girl Corset

Trans girl Corset!

Us shemales love corsets more than any other piece of lingerie in the world but sometimes it’s hard to find a good one, or when you do, they may be REALLY expensive. I was so lucky to find this jewel of a corset in an older Victoria’s Secret catalog. No its not really a Trans girl Corset, its just a normal one but looks so much better on me than on a genetic girl. So I right away called them and asked them if they had it in stock. The operator had to look for a while, since apparently they haven’t sold them in a while, but she finally found it and had great news: it could be shipped within a few days.  So I ordered it and had it sent to the house of one of my cousins in Florida. She then in turn sent it to me via DHL. It is hard, oh so hard to get things in Latin countries! But at least here in Cancun you can get them, unlike in Brazil where it may take up to 6 months to get a package!

Long story short, I got my beautiful corset in the mail, and here I am, wearing it for you guys. It makes me feel so feminine and sexy, plus it makes my butt look even bigger 😉 Hoping you like it…

Trans girl Corset


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Tits and Cock!! Whats not to love?

Tits and Cock!

I love girls as much as I love men, and when a girl comes paired with a cock, I just couldn’t ask for more!  That’s why I love my girlfriend Safiro so much. This Mexican shemale has a tasty medium sized cock, a great set of tits, a big round ass and in general a body to die for. That is the reason that I love Tits and Cock so much! She’s playful, great in bed and will take my cock without question… there’s something to be said about a girl that can handle my big cock in her ass, so everybody, please say nice things to my brave and always willing girlfriend Safiro! She’ll be reading your comments, so play nice!

Tits and Cock

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TS Mariana Cordoba

TS Mariana Cordoba!

I’m so excited! I received today my tickets to fly South to meet with the legendary TS Mariana Cordoba and film a video or ten with her. It’s scary because of the size of her dick, but also an honor because of her wealth of experience, her guidance and heck, let me admit it, because she’s so freaking hot I’m shaking in my panties with excitement!

I’ll be going to the passport office today to get my passport renewed since it’s close to expiring and I need it to be at least valid for 6 months to enter Argentina. I’ll keep you posted, but start preparing the hand lotion and lots of Kleenex boxes, because this is going to be grand!

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Shemale Keira Verga TS Mariana Cordoba


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Keira Verga naked outdoors!

Keira Verga naked outdoors!
  I love petting puppies. The dog of the neighbor next door had a litter two days ago and today I spent almost all afternoon in her house playing with them. I put them on my head and face and they just cuddled by my ear and it was very ticklish. I love them, they are so soft and smooth. Come and see more right now of Keira Verga naked outdoors. I wish I could have them but it would take time that I have to spend doing important things like going to the malls, taking photos or facebooking, and my facebook time is sacred.  Yes thats me guys and I want you to enjoy seeing me.
Keira Verga naked outdoors
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Trans Girl Photos.

Trans Girl Photos

I’m still learning the ropes around this blogging thing, and I think my photos were a little too small. Testing to see if this photo comes out bigger, please be patient 🙂 So, really do me a favor and post comments. Take a look at my Trans Girl Photos and let me know if they are big enough. Also make sure and tell me if the quality is good. Further more if you can describe how they make your cock feel, I would greatly appreciate it.

Trans Girl Photos


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Shemale Birthday present

Shemale Birthday present!

Hi papis (that’s babes). For those whose birthdays fall this month here goes a birthday present in the form of a hot slutty shemale.  yes guys that makes me a Shemale present! Don’t you love the red bow On my ass? Want to unwrap it?

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So tell me….do I look like a good birthday present to you? 🙂

Birthday Present


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Keira Verga Shemale virgin.

Keira Verga Shemale virgin.!

This is the first time I will add a photo to my blog, so bear with me if I screw it up. I’m a virgin at this blogging stuff. But that’s as far as my virginity goes LOL! So dont take the title of this post to literally. Keira Verga Shemale virgin! Makes you smile does it not?

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Keira Verga Shemale virgin

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