Red stockings and garter

Red stockings and garter is a look that not many women can pull off. So to see a woman like Keira Verga wearing that and making it look hot! Well that is something that you simply must see. And because I am the best person you know when it comes to sharing porn. I have exactly that below and you are going to love this set.

Let me share the details of how I got Keira into this sexy red stockings and garter outfit!

So Keira was looking for something to model for you, her fans. I happened to have this new set of stockings and garter. However she was unsure about the color. She did not think that the red would go well with her skin tones. But I assured her it would. And I was right! As you can clearly see.

Keira had a lot of fun getting dressed in this as she had never really worn something like it. Then when it came time to take it off. She did not want to. She said she wanted to wank her cock from soft to hard while wearing it. So I recorded it all just for you. Her Fan and the guy that is drooling over her big tits and her big cock. Just like I was that day.

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Red stockings and Garter

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Black Boots

Black boots are sexy!

When women wear boots it’s usually quite sexy. They often wear them with a short skirt. And also with jeans or pants. Sometimes they wear them with lingerie or even a bikini. So it’s not that strange to see some hottie like Keira Verga walking around or posing for porn photos and movies in Black Boots. And she sure as hell does look hot wearing them.

The photo and the movie of Keira in Boots was taken because when she showed up wearing them. And also because boots on a woman had been a hot topic. Wondering if they were sexy enough for porn. And seeing Keira in them answered that question really fast.

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Black Boots

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Hot pants

Do you know what Hot Pants are? Yeah they are not really pants at all. More like very short and super tight shorts. It was a name given to them long ago. And at least they got the hot part correct. Because when you see a girl wearing them, you then realize they are hot to look at.

Take for instance the photo below of the super hot and sexy Keira Verga. She has not only the tight little top that her big tranny titties are popping out of. But she is also wearing the perfect example of what Hot pants look like. And I am guessing that right now you would like to try and lick those shorts right off of her ass. I know I would. And more importantly I know you would love to be on your knees in front of her to pop that big tranny cock out!

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Check out the video clip of this sexy set of Hot Pants!

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Hot Pants

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Shower Masturbation

Want to watch some super hot shower masturbation? Ok great. Then all you need to do is either read on or you can also just scroll down. Either way you get to enjoy some time with the super hot and amazing body trans girl Keira Verga. And as you can see. She is something special to look at.

Now for those of you who do not know her. This amazing beauty is Mexican trans girl Keira Verga. And just in case you did not know. Verga means erection! More or less. I guess that depends on who you ask. But with Keira it seems to fit very well as her big trans girl cock is always hard. And its oooohhh so pretty.

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Shower Masturbation


Upskirt is something that has us all fascinated. And when its something like that with a girl like Keira Verga? Well we just can not take our eyes off of what we are seeing. And it can often be difficult to believe our eyes.

But yes, the photo and movie clip below are the hottest ever because its UpSkirt with Keira Verga. And for those of you who do not know this trans doll. Well she has a nice big fat juicy cock under that skirt that she likes to play with. Meaning that you as a fan will get to enjoy the photos and movies of her doing just that.

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Tranny Titties

Tranny titties are what it is all about. Well ok. A beautiful face. Great hair and lips and eyes. Soft shoulders and those beautiful tranny titties. Round hips and a tight ass and a tranny cock. Whew. I got it all out. And now my cock is getting hard from describing our beautiful and sensual Keira Verga.

Just take a look at the video clip below and see what I am talking about. I grabbed this from a members area movie. And as you can see this is H. O. T. HOT!

Yes Keira had just gotten her implants and I have to say those tranny titties have never looked better. Stiff very firm and way up with her nipples in the perfect position to be kissed, sucked and pinched. Furthermore Keira said that now that she has her titties her cock is almost always hard because she plays with her tits all day. And I for one would love to help her. How about you? Could you spend some time playing with those tits?

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Tranny Titties

Trans girl cock

One of the most important things that men look for online is Trans Girl Cock! And with a lot of guys the bigger the better. But some guys also like trans girls with a small cock. Or with a medium size cock. Then we have a girl like Keira. Her cock is right at the size where some judge it to be big and others judge it to be medium.

So to help you decide for yourself I have a video clip below that you can watch, as well as a photo to check out. I hope that between the video and photo you can decide what size cock she has and keep that info for when you are looking for that size of trans girl cock.

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Trans girl cock