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Yes. It is what we all look for and all want to see more of. The Trans girl cock we have here belongs to our favorite and of course the beautiful Keira Verga. I mean really. It is her blog after all and she is the little trans girl we come here looking to see. I dont know about you but the samples we post are cock achingly hot. Just take a look at the photo below.

Keira saw wrap of plastic and wanted to try and make a dress out of it. After just a few short minutes using it, she decided to just have some masturbation fun instead and made this photo set and a movie for you guys. The wrap was too tight and way to hot so she decided to just play with her big trans girl cock.

Now we all know that Keira is beautiful. We also know that she has a killer set of tits on her now. Which you can see well in the sample below. We also know that she has a set of tight little ass cheeks and a hot and tight tranny pussy as well. But have you really taken a good look at how fat her cock is? Yep. Its Fat and actually quite long. So you can really have some fun with this trans girl cock.

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Trans girl cock

Do not miss out on seeing this little trans girl 100% naked with her big cock getting stroked. And when we refer to her as a little trans girl its because she is petite. NOT underage. Keira is 21 in this photo set and that means her body is ready for some hard cock good fucking.


Dont we all just love some hot lingerie? Yeah I guess that we do. However when we get to see lingerie on an amazing trans girl body. Well that is even hotter. I mean really super hot.

Just take a look at the amazing Keira Verga in this photo below. The set is all about her amazing body in Lingerie. And as you can see this is a set of her with her brand new big tranny tits as well. And oh how amazing those puppies look and feel. Yeah I did. I went there. I got to touch them. SO if you want your hands on these amazing tits there is only one way to do it. Become a trusted super fan. And you can start doing that simply by commenting here on her blog. There are a number of super fan steps actually. But thats the first and most important.

So now back to this outfit Keira almost has on. We all think that this is her color. That coral color sets off the tone of her skin very nicely and makes her hair and eyes really look amazing. Now do not get us wrong, that outfit on the floor looks almost as good as it does on her.

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Honestly there is nothing as hot as watching Keira Verga getting naked and your going to love it. In fact you will want to get off with her beautiful new trans girl tits. And we say. Go ahead. Shoot your load as she shoots her. Click the image or a text link to join Keira Verga right now.

Short skirt and a tight tranny ass.

Well its that time again and your going to love this sample. We have below a great video clip and an awesome photo of Keria in a short skir and showing off her tight tranny ass. But whats so hot about this, is the way the short skirt shows off her tight tranny ass.

Most of you know that Kiera Verga has a night tight and bubble butt. Its very round and perfectly shaped. With her ass cheeks so tight its actually kind of hard to get your cock indide. But ones your hard cock penetrates her ass cheeks then it slides up to the tighter entrance to her tight tranny ass. Now this is the part where it starts to be a lot of fun. Just as your cock gets to her love hole, or tranny pussy as some call it. You find that you need to push even harder. Her tight tranny ass cheeks are squeezing your shaft while her love hole resists your efforts to penetrate her. Just push gently and smoothly and you will feel that Pop. Thats the head of your cock finally making its way deeper into Keira.

Now all of this hot fun started because you got hard watching her walk and strut around in this short skirt. And you know that you want to have this feeling of penetrating her amazing hole. So do yourself a favore and click on the image to see more. However this is only in her members area so you need to join her right now.
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Short skirt

Also remember to see this short sample video clip.

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Big Tits Trans Keira Verga

Yep. Keira Verga can officially call herself a big tits trans. She finally got her boobies done and now she is showing them off to the world. Of course you the super fan are invited to see this free sample below. And the best thing about this Big tits trans photo? Well it shows a little bit of a big cock trans as well. So you only need to ask yourself what part you like the most. The big tits or the big cock. Keira has them both and she wants you to come and see them as well as play with them.

The photo below is actually a screen capture from a movie that Keira has in her members area. She hops that you find this photo hot enough and sensual enough that you click it or a text link and join her in the members area of her website for the movie also.

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Big tits trans

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Shaved trans girl cock

So how about some shaved trans girl cock? Well when its the beauty Keira Verga how can you not want to see this? Keira Vera is first and foremost a beautiful woman. She is a pretty latina trans girl with a hot set of big tits. She also has an amazing cock. As you can see in the image below this Shaved trans girl cock is beautiful, big and long. She gets that cock nice and hard and all you need to do that is to start kissing her. You can kiss her soft and sexy lips. Or nibble on her neck and work your way down to her big tits. Playing with her nipples and enjoying the swell of her side boob.

You can also bend Keira over and lick her tight and beautiful ass. If that does not get her cock hard then its time to take that shaved trans girl cock into your mouth and start sucking on it. As he head penetrates your lips, you will feel it start to grow. The bigger it gets in your mouth the easier it is to suck on.

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Shaved Trans girl cock

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Anal Sex toys

Well I dont know about you, but anal sex toys get me excited. And yes they often get me hard. I love them. My ass loves Anal Sex toys but most of all my cock and balls love a good anal sex toy. Now if you have to ass why my trans girl cock and balls might love a toy then you most likely have never played with one. That is a sad thing to think. Every man should play with an anal sex toy at least one time in their life.

So let me explain why my trans girl cock and balls love the toys. When the toy first penetrates you ass it kind of hurts. But once it pops past that tight muscle in your hole its all pleasure. The toy then begins to gently massage your prostate. The massage against the prostate and the shaft going in and out of your hole builds the excitement. It makes your balls get tight and hard with cum and it adds more of the precum to the mix. The tension and be felt and it feels amazing. Come on. Lets play with Anal Sex toys!

Anal sex toy

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Shemale In Black Corset

Shemale In Black Corset!

What’s not to love when a beautiful shemale dresses sexy in lingerie and shows off her sexy curves? Keira Verga is certainly one of those that can pull it off.  She’s barely covered in this little black number and her full, and firm tits perch atop the corset like kings on their thrown. Do you not find a Shemale In Black Corset the hottest thing? Personally I dont take it off the girl. I just love looking at it. If you do as well go ahead and click on the image below so that you can see the rest of this set. Oh and also don’t miss the movie either.

Beautiful Shemale In Black Corset

Being all dolled up gets her excited and soon her cock is edging upward.  She makes it through the shoot before having to lay back and stroke her aching erection with everything she has.

You are going to love the rest of this shoot so come on over and take a look at the rest of it here!

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Keira Verga in panties.