Keira Verga fruit and wine and my cock

Keira Verga fruit and wine and my cock! So for those of you that love to relax and have a nice time. Make sure that you understand I do as well. And that means getting off any time that I can. I also love to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

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Upskirt Peek A Boo

UpSkirt Peek a boo everybody…..hehehehe.  This was one of those days I was feeling frisky and just a bit naughty.  I had a pretty short skirt on and some flats because it was nice and warm out.  I decided to not wear panties today and see if anyone noticed. I do have to be careful a little bit when sitting.  Some people just might flip out if I’m sitting in a chair and my shecock is right there in the open. Don’t want to give someone a heart attack!  I don’t mind someone doing an upskirt check on me though. Kind of a cute and fitting name for this set right? Upskirt Peek A Boo!

I like that extra attention at times.  My friend Ana Mancini was with me with her camera when I stopped and bent over.  She just shot without thinking and this is what we came up with.  A peek a boo shot.  The two of us laughed so hard over that.

Upskirt Peek A Boo


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Tits and Cock

Tits and Cock!  I mentioned a while back I love Tits and Cock.  Oh, I love pussy too.  I like it all and if I’m sucking a cock or licking a wet pussy, I’m a happy person either way.  I’ve had a blast shooting with my friend Safro a few times. They are on my website and our chemistry is really good.  She has the most perfectly proportioned shemale tits.  I love them so much and I’m soooooo jeouse of them.  God, I wish I had a pair like she does. Her nipples perk up so nicely when I suck on them.

She has told me that at times she can have an orgasm just by sucking on them.  That is so HOT!!  Her tight tushy is fun to fuck as well. The first time I was amazed at just how tight she was.  It seemed she was milking my shecock more than I was fucking her.  I loved it so much we ended up doing it again.  Sorry….this was a private session.  Can’t let everything be on camera you know.  Girl has to have her “me” moments.  Don’t worry though.  I’ll make sure Safro and I get together again and make some more magic.

Tits and Cock


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Heels panties and stockings

I know that chasing around the perfect trans girl is a lot of work. And You and I both know that Keira Verga is one of those perfect girls. Furthermore we also love to see hot trans girls like Keira Verga in heels panties and stockings. So for todays tasty treat of this latina trans beauty. I Present Keira Verga in Heels panties and stockings. Just scroll down a little to check out the sample photo.

Yes yes. Some of you have noticed that this is a set of her from the pre tits era. She was just using hormones and working on her transition when this image was taken. But its still super hot to look at that amazing and tight body. To see her sexy little tits and her legs spread wide. And to also know that when her cock gets hard it grows nice and big and stiff. Then there is the other side of that body and it has the best and tightest little tranny ass ever!

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Heels panties and stockings

Trans in pantyhose

Who else likes to see a trans in pantyhose? I love it and I am so happy to share with you today a photo of Keira Verga. She is our hot trans in pantyhose of the day! And I honestly think you will love this set. Its from a movie in her members area actually and that means hot live action to watch rather than just this photo. So now that we have established that this is Keira Verga the trans in pantyhose lets talk about touching a girl in pantyhose.

When you have a girl wearing pantyhose for you the first thing to do is verbally compliment her. Let her know you like the look and feel. Then start to caress her knee. If you can slide your fingertips down the inside of her thigh. Then right back up. Don’t at first move towards her cock. Go slow and stay near her knee. Once you get her breathing a little harder, then its time to move your fingers toward her cock. But don’t touch it. Just tease her inner though through the pantyhose. Trust me, she is going to love the feeling and it will send chills through her body.

Click on the image below to watch the movie of Keira Verga trans in pantyhose.

Trans in pantyhose

Tits and ass

When searching for a hot tits and ass photo. What sort of girl do you look for? How about the tits and ass photo of Keira Verga below? Is that the kind you like? As you can see. Keira has a great body on her. While her ass is not big its very well rounded and quite tight. If you had the chance to hold that ass in your hands you would say that it is extremely firm and feels amazing. That you would want to get down on your knees and lick her ass hole. To tongue fuck her tight little tranny ass nice and deep and hard.

Of course once you work your way around to the front of her body you are going to find a few things that hold your attention very well. And if you are not quite sure what I mean. Well its Simple. Im talking about her amazing big tits. And also that thick and quite juicy cock. You can trust me when I say you are going to love both of these areas of her body. So with her ass, tits and cock well you have three hot things to occupy you for a long period of time. And Keira will love you paying that much attention to her body.

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Tits and ass

Transgender girl boobs! And some cock as well!

Transgender girl boobs! And some cock as well! Ok guys. So if you found this post in a search engine then you were looking for the phrase Transgender girl boobs! That means that you may not know who I am. My name is Kiera Verga and I am the lovely young TransGender girl in the photo below. And yes, those are my boobs. Of course I have implants but I also still have a nice big and also juicy cock.

So if you really want to check out some nice girl boobs. Or at lease transgender girl ones then you have found me! The perfect girl!

TransGender girl boobs

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