Hotpants Panties

Panties come in many different sizes and shapes. But mine are HotPants Panties. And as you can see in the image below they look amazing on the right ass. And this ass is not only the right one. But it also belongs to Keira Verga. And she has the right trans ass for HotPants Panties. And she fills them out so nice and makes them look so tasty. Dont you just want to slide your tongue over that ass?

Now imagine Keira posing something like this for you. She has on either these black or even another color of HotPants Panties. How would you remove them from her tight little trans girl body? For me, the first thing I would do is walk up behind her and slap that ass. Nice and hard and leave a handprint on her ass. Then I will yank the hotpants panties down spread her ass cheeks and shove my tongue into her tight little tranny ass hole.

No kissing or messing around. Straight to the hardcore action of getting her hot and getting her cock hard. Then once you stand up and start to stick your own hard cock into that bubble butt. Reach up and yank back on her hair and slam your cock deep and hard.

HotPants Panties

Spread legs and panties

So. Keira Verga is one of those girls that loves to wear sexy lingerie. Mostly her panties and bra. Rather than just something generic she likes to wear the more lacy and frilly stuff. And that is ok with me and you I am guessing. For some reason also this lingerie looks amazing on her. Well for that. All lingerie looks amazing on her. But these panties are hot. The bra is cut perfect for her big tits. And man that cock hanging out.. Opps. Did I blow the surprise? Sorry about that!

Well anyway. As you can see below in this spread legs photo. Keira Verga is wearing some sexy lingerie and she has allowed her big tranny cock to pop out of her panties. And that cock looks quite tasty. Can you just imagine reaching between those spread legs. Taking a hold of her cock and stroking it a little until it starts to get hard. Then lean in and kiss her lisp and neck and work your way to her tits? Just imagine sucking on those nipples and watching her cock grow completely hard in your hand. How exciting would that be?

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Spread legs

Keira Vergas ass

There is a lot of ass out there. Lots and lots of trans girl ass that will get your attention. But no other trans girl ass that looks like this one. And of course we are talking about Keira Vergas ass.

Now I want to be the firs to point out that Keira Vergas ass is not that big. Its not very wide and its not very heavy if you know what I mean. In fact her ass is a bit more of a bubble butt and it needs lots and lots of attention. She loves having people start at her ass. And she also loves it when a man touches her ass. Just dont touch it without her permission. She will bitch slap you and hard.

Now the good thing about her and her ass. Is the she also loves to get it fucked. Yeah Keira is more active than passive but you can get her hot and once she is. Then its ass fucking time going both ways. And that means a lot of hardcore action or you.

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Keira Vergas ass

Cock in Panties

Cock in Panties

Who else sees an amazing Cock in Panties with Keira Verga here? Raise only one hand and keep the other stroking. You need to make sure you don’t loose your groove. As we all know, Keira has an amazing body and she loves to show it off. Getting a hot shot of Cock in panties is one of her favorite things and she try’s to have at least 12 in each photo set. Keeping her cock semi hard and tucked into the panties also turns her on and that is why she try’s to get those photos for you!

For those of you who love her petite and tight body you will really love this video clip. So make sure to watch it below.  Also make sure to note how hot her tits look in that outfit. Furthermore make sure that you know Keira shot this video for you so that you can get off with her. So get your cock out and get ready for some fun with her. Try to shoot your load at the sam time that she does.

Now sit back and watch as Kiera strokes her cock for you to enjoy. She is going to strip off her sexy as hell lingerie and let it all hang out.

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Cock in Panties

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Keira Verga Underboob.

Keira Verga Underboob.

Well I have to ask if you have ever seen an underboob shot as hot as this. First of all, take into account that this is a Keira Verga Underboob photo. Just having her in it makes it hot. Then you have to look at the bigger picture and BOOM! You wont be able to focus on that underboob part any more. That is right gents. That is the beautiful and big cock of Keira Verga. That is 100% soft and hanging and waiting on you to stimulate it.

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Keira Verga Underboob

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Little tranny ass

Want to see a little tranny ass you would love to get your hands on? Oh why do I ask these silly questions. Of course you want to see a little tranny ass. And of course you would love to get your hands on it. Its Keira Verga’s ass after all. But I ask these silly questions some times because I need to word count on the posts of the blog. But I think that most of you already know that and give me some room because I also show off some super hot photos. And todays is just as hot as most. Keira Verga showing off her little tranny ass.

Now let me just comment that this little tranny ass is amazing. Round and small and very fucking tight. And yes. I have seen it up close and even touched it. And I know that you just want to see it right now. So scroll down if you need and take a look.

Keira was modeling those amazing and sexy panties and I grabbed this photo from the side. You can see how round her ass is. And that its one of the hottest tranny asses ever! And you can also see, if you peek to the right of her legs. Yep. that is the head of her cock. So keep looking and then click to see the rest of this hot set.

Little tranny ass


Who loves to see a sexy pair of panties on a hot trans girl? How about on a hot trans girl like Keira Verga? Ahh yes now I have your attention and also that of your cock. Just thinking about Keira can make your cock ache to see more.

Now lets sit back and enjoy this set of panties in the photo below. And yes I chose this image for a reason. We all love Keira Verga, its the main reason we are on this website today. To get more of that amazing and sexy body. Just take a look at her and see what I mean when I say sexy body. She has it all. From a beautiful face to amazing tits. Down to her tight little ass and her big fat juicy cock. Then her long and nicely curved legs. And at the bottom usually in some sort of high heels are her sexy feet! What a woman she is and with all the things that we like so much offered to us.

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