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Who wants to see some Shemale Cock? Yep that got some hands and some cocks up. Well yeah us. I have a super hot teaser shot of one and you are going to love it. That is because this shemale cock belongs to Keira Verga and we love her for so many reasons its amazing. Just take a look at this amazing body. And that face. As well as her beautiful hair and big firm tits and soft curvy hips. I mean wow. Is there anything that we don’t love about Keira? She is perfection from the top of her head down to her cute little toes!

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Transparent Panties are hot and especially when they are on a tight natural trans girls ass. Kind of like Keira Verga in the photo below. Now we all have to admit that Keiras ass is much nicer than average and we would all love to dive balls deep into that tight trans girl ass. However sitting here looking at this set of transparent panties. Well we can also come up with a lot of other ideas of what we want to do to it.

A lot of girls do not have the confidence to wear transparent panties out when they go someplace. They worry about cock slip or that they just wont look good enough in them. Keira Verga does not have that issue. In fact normally its the only kind of panties she will wear unless she is wearing a particularly tight pair of jeans. Then she will go full cotton panties so her cock and balls do not get chaffed.

Transparent Panties

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Ass Worship!

Ass Worship!

Hey guys, Keira Verga here and I just wanted to ask what you think of the Ass Worship photo below. Does my ass look great? Or does it look fat? Well either way the beautiful blonde in the photo with me seemed to love the shape of my ass. And she fell in love with its sweet flavor.

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Keira’s Sexy Panties.

Keira’s Sexy Panties.

Take a close look guys so that you can see my panties. Did you notice whats showing there? Thats right. This set is called Keira’s Sexy Panties and you can see my cock even before I take them off. I was so hot that day. The panties were just caressing my cock and balls and that got me hot. Its great when something like that happens because it means that Im going to have a great time with whoever I am seeing that day. My cock stays semi hard until the panties come off and then it pops out to full size! And yes I actually have a pretty big cock.

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Keira's Sexy Panties

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Tranny Cock in Panties.

Tranny Cock in Panties.

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Whoa! Now that’s how a G-string is supposed to look. Wait. It is G-string or Gstring? Anyone? Tranny Keira Verga’s ass

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