Transgender girl boobs! And some cock as well!

Transgender girl boobs! And some cock as well! Ok guys. So if you found this post in a search engine then you were looking for the phrase Transgender girl boobs! That means that you may not know who I am. My name is Kiera Verga and I am the lovely young TransGender girl in the photo below. And yes, those are my boobs. Of course I have implants but I also still have a nice big and also juicy cock.

So if you really want to check out some nice girl boobs. Or at lease transgender girl ones then you have found me! The perfect girl!

TransGender girl boobs

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Tits and cock

Everyone loves looking at tits and cock. And of course getting off with hot photos and movies of their favorite trans girls. Keira Verga is no different and in fact she is hotter than most. And as you can see Keira has the body for a lot of fun things. From watching her get herself off to helping you get off. This shot of her tits and cock will do that for you and for her. Yes Keira likes to wank looking at her own photos and movies. Kind of hot in my opinion.

And as you can see. Her trim hips and big tits only accent the size of her cock. They also make her look amazing in her lingerie. Now if you would like to see more. And your cock is already asking you to do it. Then all you need to do is click on the image below. Your other click option is on a text link to Get Her Naked Now! Jijiji See what I did there? Anyway to see the rest of this body including her amazing ass hole. Simply become a fan and a member of her website.

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tits and cock

Petite Trans girl

Have you ever had the chance to bang a petite trans girl? Taking the time to enjoy her body. The thin and lithe shape. The tight ass and small tits. Not short but not tall? A Petite trans like Keira Verga is the kind of girl that will get you hot. And I do mean hot. Just take a look at the sample photo of her body profile below. The slim waist and small tits. The tiny tight little ass. She has it all and its in the perfect tight little package. But she also has something else.

Now if you know Keira than you know that she is packing a hot trans girl cock. And there is nothing petite about her cock at all. In fact she is quite hung for being so small. Her frame is very tight and that cock sticks out and gets all the attention and looks amazing. If you have not yet seen this cock. Then really you are missing out on a thing of wonder and hotness.

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Petite trans

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Tits and Cock!! Whats not to love?

Tits and Cock!

I love girls as much as I love men, and when a girl comes paired with a cock, I just couldn’t ask for more!  That’s why I love my girlfriend Safiro so much. This Mexican shemale has a tasty medium sized cock, a great set of tits, a big round ass and in general a body to die for. That is the reason that I love Tits and Cock so much! She’s playful, great in bed and will take my cock without question… there’s something to be said about a girl that can handle my big cock in her ass, so everybody, please say nice things to my brave and always willing girlfriend Safiro! She’ll be reading your comments, so play nice!

Tits and Cock

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Ball Fan

Are you a Ball fan? And if so what sort of ball? Or Balls in this case. While Keira loves to watch base ball she also likes her own to be watched. So she grabbed herself a baseball shirt and posed as a Ball fan. Then she got naked and started playing with her own balls. And that is when things started to really heat up! Talk about HOT!

Now for those of you who love a hot ball fan girl you have found one that would love to go to a game with you. Just promise to pay attention to her balls when you get back to the bedroom. Hell anyplace for that matter. Always feel free to reach over and touch and grab her as you like.

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Ball Fan

This is hot and you will love to see her as she get naked and touches herself. Then once her cock gets hard that is when things really heat up for both of you!

Ass licking

Are you into ass licking. Trans girl ass that is. And the reason I ask is because I am hearing more and more from the girls that they love it. After all their ass takes place of the pussy. To the point that some of them even call it their ass pussy. I know it sounds funny but it’s true. So once again we are at the topic of ass licking and if you like it and or do it. Trust me if you do, then its going to be hot for the girl.

Keira in particular loves a good ass licking. And she says that it makes the fucking a lot more pleasurable if you spend a good amount of time licking her. So as soon as you get the chance log into her members area. And watch this action. Then you will be armed with all the knowledge to please her should you ever meet her in person. And how hot that would be dont you think?

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Ass licking

Once its licked then you can stick it. Hence that song that was so popular.

Tranny Lips.

Tranny Lips.

When you hear that phrase or those words what comes to mind? Its pretty obvious most tranny girls don’t have Tranny Lips down there. They do however have them , like all people on their face. So the lips being referred to are those.

A lot of you guys would of course reply that the first thought is having the girl sucking your cock. I mean really, her lips work hard at that. But some of you might say that you think about kissing. And kissing is what the girls want you to think about. Trans girls want you to treat them as you would any other girl. They want to kiss. Fondling is also a great thing. As is the rest of the sex things, but it all starts with kissing. And kissing uses the lips.

Take a look at the lips on Keira Verga. First off, she is one of the prettiest Trans girls on the planet. She also has a killer smile and a body to make you hard as a rock. Now, from this photo. Would you not love to lick and kiss those perfect lips? They are amazing.

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Tranny Lips

Well what do you think of those lips? And dont sit there and say meh! You can clearly see that Keira is HOT and her lips are perfect. In fact her lips are just as hot or hotter than the rest of her amazing body.

I am already certain that you noticed the way her blouse sits on her tits. How her nipples push her top out and away from her body as it hangs. Its ok to admit that you have already fallen in love with Kiera Verga!

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