Teen Tranny Nude On The Balcony

Teen Tranny Nude!  I’m feeling nostalgic today for some reason.  I was going through my computer and came across a sexy set I did out on my apartment balcony. I started out as you see in a sexy white dress. I had my small boobies and also my hair was very short. I had it up that day but the photos were very sensual and sexy. Tell me how you feel looking at this photo? Then click to see more of me on that balcony.

Teen Tranny Nude

This was a great place to sit at night and watch the moon over the ocean.  Feeling the warm breeze blowing across my skin.  I was not yet naked, but I did get that way later in the set. .

This of course is something that you want to see. Me sitting on the balcony in heels with my firm little tits out and my thick long cock as well. Check out the set Teen Tranny Nude now.

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Cock compare! Feeling A Bit Fruity :-)

Cock compare!

So, yep….It’s a Cock compare to that banana….LOL.  I think My cock is pretty good size.  It’s not super huge, but I’ve not heard one complaint about my size.  Furthermore,  I happen to like my shecock a lot.  This was a really messy video we did.  My friend who was filming….she is shy, so I won’t tell you her name…..thought it would be pretty kinky for me to squish that banana all up and stroke using the banana.  I wasn’t to sure to begin with, but once I got going, I was amazed at how good it felt.  I felt really naughty, which I love.

I had an amazing orgasm with my cum mixing in with the banana.  So kinky and so hot.  The whole video and picture set is in my website, so make sure you take a look 😉 The only regret I had about the set was no one there to help me clean it up. Having someone to lick it off my hard shaft and balls would have been so exciting. It would have ended the shoot and the day perfectly!

Shemale Keira Verga Measures Her Cock


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Lingerie heels and trannys!

Lingerie heels and trannys! What more could you ask for on one bed? First of all are you a lingerie man? Or maybe you are a heels man? How about both? Me personally I will take a hot tranny dressed in anything. Also, I love them dressed in nothing. But when you get the combo like in the image below. Well its freaking mind blowing and load blowing as well.

So take a close look at the photo below and imagine Keira Verga here in her lingerie heels and the bed. Another thing is can you imagine Keira here Naked on that bed? Go ahead. Take a minute and close your eyes. Can you see her now with the lingerie spread across the sheets. Her big tits pointing up and her cock getting hard? Does that sound like her in a perfect position? Maybe you want her on her hands and knees? Can you picture that?

Well if you can’t, dont worry we have the photos.

Lingerie heels

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Teen Tranny In Black Dress

Teen Tranny In Black Dress! Hey guys its me, Keira Verga.  I love this dress so much.  Makes me feel so sexy with the way it hangs and is so sleek and sheer.  I wanted to show everybody how good it looked too. Of course, you do get a sneak peak of what’s under it as well ;-).  For those of you who know me, you already understand that I get hard when the wind blows. For those of you who do not really know me. Just turn on a fan! Or better, be a fan and blow me! Jijiji

Teen Tranny

Care to guess what I’m thinking?

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Sexy Shemale In Jungle

Sexy Shemale In Jungle!

I thought this would be a cool pic set to show everyone.  Keira is a sexy shemale in jungle setting.  This was a tough shoot as the mosquitoes were bad that day.  Keira was a trooper and did her best.  I think she looks really sexy. And it also proves you don’t need to be naked all the time to be sexy. We also had to be very careful as this was shot in an area that has a lot of visitors. Families and also single men around. It can be a great place to visit. Also the men seems to love Keira.

Furthermore it gets quite humid. Here in this place, so we had to be careful with her sweating.

Keira’s tits look full and inviting in her bikini top that she’s wearing.  This makes one really want to take her by the hair and stuff her mouth full if you know what I mean.  She’s always willing to take a good cock which is why we love her! She did mention that by the time the shoot was done her nipples were aching. She had seen a number of men that turned her on and she wanted to fuck.

Sexy Shemale Keira Verga

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Masturbating My Big Tranny Cock

Masturbating My Big Tranny Cock!   I thought I’d add some fun today with this hot video of me from a while back.

I love jerking my big shemale cock and feeling how hard it gets.  The feeling of cum oozing out is incredibly hot and sensual, so why not do it all the time right? Masturbating My Big Tranny Cock also makes me feel like I am in total control of my world!  Oh, and my cute yellow vibe works really well inside me.  Not nearly as good as a hard, fat cock, but when in a bind what’s a horny gal to do?

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Long Legs trans girl. Keira Verga is amazing.

Long legs trans girl.  Keira Verga is an amazing tranny with really long legs. Just take a look at the photo below. No matter where she goes she causes a stir with the men breaking their necks to look at her legs as she passes. She often will also wear the shortest skirts she can to tease them with.

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Long Legs trans girl

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