Hardbody trans in stockings

Want to check out a hardbody trans in stockings? Yeah of course you do and don’t say no! Like any Hardbody trans in stockings, Keira wants you to look and stare and even to touch yourself. She loves to know that you are excited looking at her body. Keira wants and likes to know that when you look at her, your cock gets hard and your balls start to ache for release.

And if you are looking at the same photo as I am. Then there is plenty of reason for your cock to start throbbing. So get that hard love rod out and lets have some fun. Keira as you can see is ready. Mine is out and ready so lets go!!!

Keira had on this set of stockings and also a hot pair of heels. She was walking around between sets but got a little chilly. So she put on the little pink night gown. Of course not wanting to waste something so sexy, the camera girl grabbed an entire photo set. And once Keiras cock started to get hard. Well. I followed along with a whole video of this amazing trans body. Keira is a queen in her own right and loves to show off how big her cock is. And we love her for it!

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Hardbody trans in stockings


A lot of trans girls dress up in different ways for men. They just want to be as sexy as they can and often they will wear something like stockings and a night gown to do so. Just take a look at our beauty Keira Verga in the photo set below.

When we arrived for the photo shoot Keira was just walking out of the bathroom and was dressed exactly like this. It was a bit chilly in the room so even though she had put her stockings back on, she had re dressed in her nigh gown to keep a little warmer. I personally thought that it was cute and really showed off her real life personality so I got the camera going taking photos.

For those of you who know Keira or have at least seen her photos before. You know that she loves panties and also stockings. So seeing these photos of her is going to be a real turn on for you. Simply click the image below or a text link above to check out her website and to join her members area.


Yesss!!! Take me there NOW. I can not wait to see more of Keira in her stockings and other sexy lingerie!

Big tits trans

When it comes to a big tits trans what are you looking for? Do you like the girls that have the look of Keira Verga in the photo below? Keira’s tits in this photo are a full D cup and that registers on anyone’s scale as big tits. Add in the simple fact that she has a cock and we have a Big Tits Trans!!! Not to mention that she is simply beautiful as well. Just look at her face!

Now as we all know and of course love, Big tits trans is not the only phrase we can use to describe Keira. We can also call her a big cock trans or hung trans as well. That is simply because she has a nice big fat juicy cock between her sensual and curvy legs. For those of you who have not yet seen it, feel free to click a text link or the image below.

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Big tits trans

Right now is the best opportunity you have to see Keira Verga naked. You really do not want to miss out on this chance. If you click away to another site you may not remember where to find her and this amazing body that she has. Click now and fulfill one of your fantasies with her!

Keira Verga’s tight ass

Anyone else want to sit here and just stare at Keira Verga’s tight ass? Yeah me too. I am having a real hard time getting my eyes off her tight ass and my cock out of my hand to type this. But have faith. I will complete it even if I finish with a sticky keyboard!

This shot and set of Keira Verga’s tight ass was shot at a ranch home. She was on the front porch and was actually changing clothing when the camera saw a chance to get some photos of that very tight little ass she has. Being the amazing trans girl that she is, Keira started to pose and show it off. I stood there watching and drooling with the video camera in my hand. I guess I was just wondering how a girl so hot could have such an amazing tight ass.

Click on the image below of Keira Verga’s tight ass and get a look at the rest of the set. You will also get to see that big trans girl cock of hers!
Keira Verga's tight ass

Do not miss out on seeing this set. And for sure do not miss out thinking over some of the hot things that you could do to her ass if you got the chance.

Ball Fan

Are you a Ball fan? And if so what sort of ball? Or Balls in this case. While Keira loves to watch base ball she also likes her own to be watched. So she grabbed herself a baseball shirt and posed as a Ball fan. Then she got naked and started playing with her own balls. And that is when things started to really heat up! Talk about HOT!

Now for those of you who love a hot ball fan girl you have found one that would love to go to a game with you. Just promise to pay attention to her balls when you get back to the bedroom. Hell anyplace for that matter. Always feel free to reach over and touch and grab her as you like.

You can click on the image below or a text link to check out the members area of Keira’s website. Then once in the members area just enjoy all the photo and movie sets one at a time until you have seen them all. Then start again.

Ball Fan

This is hot and you will love to see her as she get naked and touches herself. Then once her cock gets hard that is when things really heat up for both of you!

Side boob and booty

There are a lot of was to say ass. Booty, butt, pompies, and many many more. But today we are using the word Booty because well its cute like Keira. And this is a photo of Keira and her side boob and booty. Now taking a look at this photo can you tell us what you think about her body? That side boob and booty are just amazing and you know just looking that you need to see more. You need her to turn and face the camera. To Show off her full frontal body.

Take a close look at the photo right now. If this stirs something deep in your thighs it will be worth the time to click a text link and see a lot more right now.
Side boob and booty

In the rest of the set she shows off a lot more than just side boob and booty. In fact she spreads her ass to show her love hole. And she also gets that cock hard for you to see. Yes its hot and yes if you miss this set you will regret not seeing it. Oh, and did I mention there is also a movie of this action as well? Click right now!

Shaved trans girl cock

Who else likes a shaved trans girl cock? Yeah me also. And today I have a photo of Keira Verga posing and you will love this. This photo is the definition of a shaved trans girl cock and so much more. Just take a look below!

Click on the image to see the whole photo set and also the movie in the members area.
Shaved trans girl cock

Now most of you know about this set. Its Keira Verga having phone sex. She was playing with the phone and wanted so much to have a hot man on the other end of the line. She would have preferred to have some hot video phone sex but her hotel phone did not support that. So she had to just want you to call her. She needed to talk to a hot man with a hard cock. In fact she was so hot you can see her shaved trans girl cock was getting that way and was ready to fuck.

Now can you just imagine calling her and starting to have phone sex and getting her heated up. Then walking into her room and finding her sitting like this and wanting more? What would you have done. I would say at least 60% of our viewers would have dropped to their knees. And sucked that beautiful trans girl cock.

Post comments in the members area about what you would want to do with Keira.