Cock Play

Cock play. Most every trans girl out there does it and Keira is like all the others. Well in some ways. One of the differences in her is that she has a big cock. And another is that she likes to wear lingerie when she is playing with her cock. So that of course adds a bit of excitement for us. And the best thing! She records most of it for her members area and that means plenty of movies for you to watch and get off with.

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Cock play

Spread legs short skirt

I think all of us here love to see a spread legs short skirt photo or movie of Keira Verga. Am I correct in guessing that guys? Ok so I am! That is good to know because that is the exact kind of photo and video clip I have for you below and I think you will love this. Take a peek right now!

So Keira showed up to the photo shoot wearing this amazingly small skirt. She had on panties when she arrived but as soon as she got into the room to took them off. Then Started to take off the skirt. Of course I stopped her from taking off such a sexy short skirt. I loved it and wanted to peek at her ass and cock with the camera just for you guys. As she was sitting there she spread her legs and then stretched to stand up. I had her do it a few times so that I could share the hot and sexy action with you.

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Spread Legs short skirt


Upskirt is something that has us all fascinated. And when its something like that with a girl like Keira Verga? Well we just can not take our eyes off of what we are seeing. And it can often be difficult to believe our eyes.

But yes, the photo and movie clip below are the hottest ever because its UpSkirt with Keira Verga. And for those of you who do not know this trans doll. Well she has a nice big fat juicy cock under that skirt that she likes to play with. Meaning that you as a fan will get to enjoy the photos and movies of her doing just that.

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Tranny Titties

Tranny titties are what it is all about. Well ok. A beautiful face. Great hair and lips and eyes. Soft shoulders and those beautiful tranny titties. Round hips and a tight ass and a tranny cock. Whew. I got it all out. And now my cock is getting hard from describing our beautiful and sensual Keira Verga.

Just take a look at the video clip below and see what I am talking about. I grabbed this from a members area movie. And as you can see this is H. O. T. HOT!

Yes Keira had just gotten her implants and I have to say those tranny titties have never looked better. Stiff very firm and way up with her nipples in the perfect position to be kissed, sucked and pinched. Furthermore Keira said that now that she has her titties her cock is almost always hard because she plays with her tits all day. And I for one would love to help her. How about you? Could you spend some time playing with those tits?

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Tranny Titties

Two trans girls fucking

Two trans girls fucking is one of the hottest things that you can see in person or even in video on the web. In fact watching them online has the advantage of being able to back up in the movie and watch a particular bit of action over and over. And that means lots more cock wanking time with the same girls. Click here to see more right now!

Below we have Keira Verga and her hot girlfriend Nina StrongHold in their first appearance ever! As you can see Keira is the petite girl with small natural tits and wild hair. While Nina is the busty one with a very curvy body. Keira has a big cock and Nina has a big ass. And these two trans girls are hot for each other. So sit back and start reading more about them and what they were doing this day that we recorded!

Two Trans girls

When two trans girls get together you can bet that some interesting things are going to happen. And so it was this day when we were recording Keira. She came to the shoot and pulled her friend in the door as well. Nina was shy but was dressed in a top that her her big tranny tits hanging out. And when standing side by side these two trans girls made such a hot conneciton that we just had to share them in a movie with you.

When asked if they would get naked and have some fun in the bed with each other. They kissed and started to strip. So the camera started going to grab this movie for you. Click right here now to see the rest of the movie. Or you can click on the image on the bottom of the page.

Trans girls fucking

Yeah I have said this before. But trans girls fucking is always going to be one of the hottest things you ever get to see. And if you dont believe me, then you need to watch the movie clip below to see for yourself. And just so you know. That photo of Keira Verga and Nina Stronghold at the bottom of the page is a screen cap of these amazing girls.

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Two trans girls fucking

Very short skirt

I think we all love to see a hot and sexy trans girl in a very short skirt. The little hottie we have in the photo and video below is of course none other than Keira Verga. Long legs latina trans girl with a tight little ass and in this video and photo she still has small tits. But she is super sexy in the way she dresses and also in the way she gets hot. And once Keira is hot she always needs to do something about it. And that means that she wants to cum. This of course is the part you want to see!

Keira loves to dress sexy and usually slutty. And that often means wearing a very short skirt. And yes she actually wears this skirt out in public. But she wanted to share it in this video with you and not have on any panties. So she sat down on the sofa. Spread her legs wide and took her fat trans girl cock into her hands.

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Very short skirt

Jerking off

Want to watch the beautiful Keira Verga jerking off? Yes of course you do as we all want to do. And getting to watch that beautiful face is a big part of the fun. The way her soft and plump lips move. And also the way her eyes watch as her hand strokes her cock up and down.

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Jerking off