Trans girl legs

What kind or shape rather do you like for Trans Girl Legs? There are a lot of tall and long legs trans girls. Some are shorter and with thicker legs. Then you have trans girl legs like on Keira Verga. As you see see in this short skirt and heels her legs look boner popping hot. Her tight little ass adds to all of this of course. And no matter what I think we all just want to slip up behind her, flip up the skirt and take her tight little tranny ass right there. How nice of a feeling would that be to sink in your cock like that?

Can you imagine the view of her face as you did that? With those amazing trans girl legs it just makes you hotter and hotter and needing that release. So as for her legs, they are not to long nor to short. However those legs have the perfect shape and curves that simply end in the perfect ass.

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Trans girl legs

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Keira Verga Upskirt and heels.

Yeah I know I know. You are asking how in the hell do we get upskirt and heels. For the most part UpSkirt is done without the knowledge of the girl wearing the skirt. Well this Keira Verga Upskirt and heels shot is no exception to that. While filming Keira laid down on the floor to wait for a light to be moved and the camera guy was behind her. Unknown to Kiera this shot was taken. Hence the Keira Verga UpSkirt and Heels. You can not only see the super hot upskirt shot. but also her heels that she still had on. When we asked Keira why she had her cock pushed back like that she explained that it helps her keep her cock hard. And it makes it ache for that release of cum.

Not everyone likes upskirt shots but we really hope that this one is something different. We hope this creates that ache in your cock and balls to want to see more of her amazing body. So enjoy this free sample of Keira Verga upskirt and heels. Then click on the image and go check out the members area of her website. Its as simple as a few clicks and you can be a member. Enjoying the hundreds of photo sets and movies. All shot in UHD for your viewing pleasure. Just click right now.

Keira Verga Upskirt and heels

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Keira Vergas Ass

Most of us are big fans of Keira Verga. Its why we come here to her blog. To check out her photos and movie samples. And we do our best to focus on certain parts of her when we can. So today we wanted to share a bit of Keria Vergas ass. And what an ass this girl has. Can you believe its never been touched by a surgeon. Thats right Keira Vergas ass is all natural. She has quite the bubble butt on her right?

When talking to her we found out that Keira Vergas ass is quite sensitive. Not her love hole or tranny pussy as some call it. But her ass cheeks. She says that when a man grabs her ass, gently not rough and hard. Or when he kisses her ass cheeks or even licks them. That it turns her on. She said if you kneel down behind her or on top of her if she us laying down. Reach around and hold her cock then start to lick, caress or kiss her ass cheeks that you will feel her cock growing hard. Personally I am on my way to check this out!

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Keira Vergas Ass

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Anal Sex toys

Well I dont know about you, but anal sex toys get me excited. And yes they often get me hard. I love them. My ass loves Anal Sex toys but most of all my cock and balls love a good anal sex toy. Now if you have to ass why my trans girl cock and balls might love a toy then you most likely have never played with one. That is a sad thing to think. Every man should play with an anal sex toy at least one time in their life.

So let me explain why my trans girl cock and balls love the toys. When the toy first penetrates you ass it kind of hurts. But once it pops past that tight muscle in your hole its all pleasure. The toy then begins to gently massage your prostate. The massage against the prostate and the shaft going in and out of your hole builds the excitement. It makes your balls get tight and hard with cum and it adds more of the precum to the mix. The tension and be felt and it feels amazing. Come on. Lets play with Anal Sex toys!

Anal sex toy

Yes my loves that toy is going into my ass. Watch below.

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Hot Shemale Masturbation With Orgasm

Hot Shemale Masturbation!

Sometimes you just need to good old fashioned shemale masturbation to get the juices flowing.  There is nothing set up here at all Keira is just on her bed and the camera is rolling. She’s laying back on her bed and stroking her huge cock. Her balls heave and with each stroke aching with warm cum and that is also why its called Hot Shemale Masturbation! Keira loves to play with her cock. Its one of the reasons that more often than not you will see her in public in a dress rather than shorts or jeans.

Kiera pulls out her toy and pounds her tight ass while jerking.  Her toy goes deeper with each thrust and her cock get harder and fuller.  Her face shows her joy and pleasure until she finally can’t last any longer and her cum pours out of her cock.  Sweet video for sure.

Hot Shemale Masturbation

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By the way guys. The image above is a shrunken down version of a video still. It was captured from the video in the members area.

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Spread shemale legs!

Spread shemale legs!  I want to spread my legs just like this, right in front of your face, and let you do whatever you want to my cock, balls and ass. Would you also run your tongue down my Spread shemale legs, and suck on my pretty feet?

Spread shemale legs

Let me plant an idea in that amazing head of yours. You have been at work all day. Dealing with people and the boss and the person in the office next to you. The drive have has been just as hard with bad traffic. An idiot cuts you off and you yell but no one hears! By the time you walk in the door you are beat. Head down. Your eyes are tired and you just want to get out of your work clothes.

Now, lift your head and look into the living room. You will see me sitting on the chair like this. What is the first thought that crosses your mind? Will you drop your things and walk over to me and take me. Ravage my tranny hole to release your frustrations?

Maybe you will sit down opposite of me and pull your cock out and start stroking it. Letting me watch you. While watching my cock grow hard and my love hole twitch needing you indside me!

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T-Shirt dress and heels.

T-Shirt dress and heels!  Well guys a fan sent me this dress and I wanted to share it with you. In fact let me share the whole story with you about this sexy little T-Shirt dress and heels!

So a fan name Dale sent me a message in the members area and asked me if I would wear this dress for him. He showed me a photo and I thought that it was cute. It also matched my red heels so I said yes. Send it to me!

I could tell looking at the dress that it was short but I did not know how short it was. When I slipped into it without panties or bra, I realized. And thats when things started to happen.  I was standing in front of a mirror and I could see that my nipples were getting hard. I guess it was the fabric that was rubbing across them as I moved.

That sensation sent one cascading down my body and the next thing I know my cock is starting to get stiff. And as we all know, a stiff cock needs to be stroked and convinced to give up the milk. Lucky for me that day my cock was participating and it only took about 10 minutes to shoot a hot and sticky load!

T-shirt dress and heels


Since that day I have worn this dress many times. Mostly to clubs as I can get away with showing my ass. But on a rare occasion I have walked down the street in it to see how people react!

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