Ass Worship!

Ass Worship!

Hey guys, Keira Verga here and I just wanted to ask what you think of the Ass Worship photo below. Does my ass look great? Or does it look fat? Well either way the beautiful blonde in the photo with me seemed to love the shape of my ass. And she fell in love with its sweet flavor.

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Ass Worship

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Long Legs! Short Skirt and more!

Long Legs! Short Skirt and more! What all do we look for in a perfect shemale. Long legs for one! How about big tits? That is kind of a depends thing. We also tend to look for a big cock. SO for those of you who do not yet know much about Keira Verga she has two actually three of these things.

Long legs is a given based on the photo below. But she now also has big tits and has always had a big and thick cock.

Long Legs

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Hot Shemale Masturbation With Orgasm

Hot Shemale Masturbation!

Sometimes you just need to good old fashioned shemale masturbation to get the juices flowing.  There is nothing set up here at all Keira is just on her bed and the camera is rolling. She’s laying back on her bed and stroking her huge cock. Her balls heave and with each stroke aching with warm cum and that is also why its called Hot Shemale Masturbation!

Kiera pulls out her toy and pounds her tight ass while jerking.  Her toy goes deeper with each thrust and her cock get harder and fuller.  Her face shows her joy and pleasure until she finally can’t last any longer and her cum pours out of her cock.  Sweet video for sure.

Hot Shemale Masturbation

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By the way guys. The image above is a shrunken down version of a video still. It was captured from the video in the members area.

Also remember that this blog has a lot of other samples of the beautiful Teen Keira Verga.

Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress

Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress!

Hi baby!  This is a sun set I did with a cute red stripped dress I found tucked away in my closet the other day.  I thought it was really neat, so why not take some sexy shot in it right?  What do you think?  Should I do a movie with it on as well.  Hmmmm… about I’m a sexy candy stripper and you need my sucker to feel better?

Oh, isn’t that a naughty and sexy thought.  I’m getting so excited just thinking about that.  How about you. Would you want to play along with me?

Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress

I really like how my legs look in my red pumps.

You can see my cute shemale tushy peeking out. Do not miss out on checking out this photo set, Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress. you will love what I have hiding under there.

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I Know You Want To See More Of Me So Cum On In Baby


Tranny ass for SexMas

Tranny ass for SexMas!

I thought seeing the holidays were coming up and I’m sure you have been all good girls and boys that I would give you a special present. Tranny ass for SexMas! And this one happens to belong to me. So if you want to open this gift you need to be a member of my site.  And yes, that’s right, I’m giving you my cute and tight little shemale ass to use as you wish for the day.  I even put a pretty red bow on it for you with your name on it.  Do with my tushy as you wish, and I don’t even need batteries to get me going.  I think I’ll be your one gift that will keep on giving!

Tranny Ass

Yes I have more sample photos and movies of me on this site. And you are also more than welcome to surf around and enjoy them but you really should just click the image and see the memebrs area right now.


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T-Shirt dress and heels.

T-Shirt dress and heels!  Well guys a fan sent me this dress and I wanted to share it with you. In fact let me share the whole story with you about this sexy little T-Shirt dress and heels!

So a fan name Dale sent me a message in the members area and asked me if I would wear this dress for him. He showed me a photo and I thought that it was cute. It also matched my red heels so I said yes. Send it to me!

I could tell looking at the dress that it was short but I did not know how short it was. When I slipped into it without panties or bra, I realized. And thats when things started to happen.  I was standing in front of a mirror and I could see that my nipples were getting hard. I guess it was the fabric that was rubbing across them as I moved.

That sensation sent one cascading down my body and the next thing I know my cock is starting to get stiff. And as we all know, a stiff cock needs to be stroked and convinced to give up the milk. Lucky for me that day my cock was participating and it only took about 10 minutes to shoot a hot and sticky load!

T-shirt dress and heels


Since that day I have worn this dress many times. Mostly to clubs as I can get away with showing my ass. But on a rare occasion I have walked down the street in it to see how people react!

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Spread shemale legs!

Spread shemale legs!  I want to spread my legs just like this, right in front of your face, and let you do whatever you want to my cock, balls and ass. Would you also run your tongue down my Spread shemale legs, and suck on my pretty feet?

Spread shemale legs

Let me plant an idea in that amazing head of yours. You have been at work all day. Dealing with people and the boss and the person in the office next to you. The drive have has been just as hard with bad traffic. An idiot cuts you off and you yell but no one hears! By the time you walk in the door you are beat. Head down. Your eyes are tired and you just want to get out of your work clothes.

Now, lift your head and look into the living room. You will see me sitting on the chair like this. What is the first thought that crosses your mind? Will you drop your things and walk over to me and take me. Ravage my tranny hole to release your frustrations?

Maybe you will sit down opposite of me and pull your cock out and start stroking it. Letting me watch you. While watching my cock grow hard and my love hole twitch needing you indside me!

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