Keira Verga

Hi guys. I have I have already done an intro post but this one will be special. And it will be special because it will have not only a hot photo of me, but also a video sample clip. I do hope that you like them both and I also hope that they both excite you! So, once again it is me, Keira Verga and welcome to my blog. This is where I share samples of my photos and movies with you. Its all 100% free for you to enjoy and if you read you will also find out more about me. So lets get naked and have some fun.

Now did you know that my name Keira Verga has a dirty word in it? Jijij Yes it does because I am a naughty girl and I love to do things like this. If you speak Spanish or have been around latina girls then you might have heard the word Verga. It means big hard cock or big cock. And well its kind of funny because I have a big cock and my name is Keira. So Keira Verga was born! Tada!!! What do you think? Cute, Not cute or you dont care?

Take a look at this photo below and then the video clip. Then click the image or a text link to join me and see the rest of them.
Keira Verga

Now the video for your cocks pleasure.

Keira Verga anal toy! How we wish she had her own toy line!

Keira Verga anal toy! How we wish she had her own toy line! That is right! Lots of men are wishing that the Keiar Verga anal toy was a line they could buy. Sadly it’s not! But we do have some photos of Keira enjoying her own toy and stroking her thick tranny cock. Oh wait! TransGender cock! ūüôā See, we are completely PC! But for now pc or not its time to check out this video clip of Keria Verga enjoying a toy in her tight and also small ass! Keira wants to share with you her most imtimate moments.

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Tranny Strip Tease! Keira Verga knows how to do it!

Tranny Strip Tease! Keira Verga knows how to do it! When it comes to a sexy and also super hot tranny, Keira Verga needs to be at the top of your list! Dont miss her! Stunning and sexy and hard bodied!

First of all think about this tight frame. Further more that big cock she has. Also her tight little as and now with big tits!

This video is a bit older but still sexy as hell.

Tranny Strip Tease

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Masturbating My Big Tranny Cock

Masturbating My Big Tranny Cock!¬†¬† I thought I’d add some fun today with this hot video of me from a while back.

I love jerking my big shemale cock and feeling how hard it gets. ¬†The feeling of cum oozing out is incredibly hot and sensual, so why not do it all the time right? Masturbating My Big Tranny Cock also makes me feel like I am in total control of my world!¬† Oh, and my cute yellow vibe works really well inside me. ¬†Not nearly as good as a hard, fat cock, but when in a bind what’s a horny gal to do?

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Keira Verga Strokes Her Cock

For those of you who love a good tease I have a treat for you. ¬†Keira Verga strokes her cock in this video while she’s sauntering in the hallway of her gorgeous house. ¬†Keira looks sexy as hell while she’s rubbing her big cock and pounding it on the counter like it’s a hammer. ¬†Well, it’s hard enough to be a hammer that’s for sure.

Sliding her finger in her mouth to make it wet then slipping it into her tight little tranny ass. ¬†What a fantastic piece of ass and she’s more than willing to offer it up.

Keira Verga

Keira Verga in white

Keira Verga And Nina Stronghold Shelesbians

Keira Verga and Nina StrongHold SheLesbians!

Sexy video featuring Keira Verga and Nina Stronghold in some great shelesbian action. ¬†Keira is never shy about what she wants and today it’s Nina Stronghold and her amazing tits and killer ass. Keira brings out her toy box and enjoys Nina’s tight ass as she toys that tight hole with her dildo. And lucky for us we get to watch Keira fuck Nina as well. Both of these trans beauties love sex and both of them want to get off with you.¬† Sit back and enjoy the short video clip we have provided.

Nina groans in pleasure as as her ass is pried wide and penetrated deep. ¬†Her ass clenches with each with each each thrust of Keira’s cock. The heat of those two and their passion for each other is evident.

Keira Verga and Nina StrongHold SheLesbians

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Keira Verga in Sexy Dresses

Anal Dildo for Keira Verga

Anal Dildo for Keira Verga! Crazy horny Keira Verga Masturbates in her bed.  She pulls out her new vibrator for a little extra fun. Her cock is at full erection and looks huge as she strokes that monster.  Her tight little asshole willingly accepts her toy as she slides it deep inside her tushy while jerking her cock. This Anal Dildo is the perfect size for her.

Anal dildo

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Quivering with pleasure she’s barely able to control her pleasure. ¬†You’re going to want to see the highly erotic ending of this sizzling video. Check it out over here.