Monthly Archives: June 2012

Cruise to the bahamas

I am getting ready to go on a cruise tomorrow. I am just done packing. I made sure to pack my thongs to walk around as the proud owner of a shecock. I have noticed that men look at me lasciviously rather than annoyed for me being what I am and that makes me think that any man would love to get together with a shemale, at least out of curiosity


I strongly identify with Cleopatra, that queen from the past. She was beautiful, lush, liked sex and loved to play with men. Rumor has it that she was very innovative in bed and came up with positions that men had never experienced. She was never made ​​for marriage and even thought she was married she always missed how good it was a bad life. I am not married and I cant imagine myself in that roll. Nor do I miss the life of vice and lust, parties and sex because I have it right there at my fingertips. So many things I want to live now that I’m young to not regret anything the day of tomorrow.
Now that I think of it, I would also love to be Snow White and have 7 dwarfs to do everything for me, the cleaning, the laundry, the cooking, and even the studying. I would be all day walking in the woods, singing, bathing naked in the lakes and eating fruits.

Puppy love

Once again the puppies of my neighbor drew me to his house. I never suspected that a regular morning like today’s I was gonna have this unexpected awesome sex next door. I feel renewed. I was back from school very happy after I was told I had an A in my last exam and then I crossed with my neighbor in the elevator and asked him about the puppies. He gave away 3 and now has only one left but I still felt like passing by to check on it. He was very insinuative with all hi comments about oh how pretty you are, oh your eyes are beautiful, oh look that’s a bulge in your pants…A bulge? I asked, yes, he said, right there and I want to see more. And he saw more 🙂

Getting out of the bed

Today getting out of the bed took me like….I am still in it, lol 🙂

I finally got out and when I look around my room is messed up, shoes on the floor, bundles of clothes everywhere, lingerie, glasses, but I see roses, yes, there they are, roses and petals over the Vanite, on the champagne tray, right here on the bed. On my very self, tangled in my hair. I am a huge poutpurri and smell incredibly nice. I have so much to clean and pick up but I wonder…Who did I kick out?

No way, I head back to bed.