Short dress

Ever man loves to see a hot woman in a very short dress. So I found something that I think you guys will love. I know I did. This is of course Keira Verga and she has something that she wants to share with you, her fans. And that is a sexy and slutty gift from a fan in the form of a short dress.

In fact this is so short that without panties on you can see the head of her cock handing down below the hemline. And that is the fucking hot and sexy part about the dress. Its so short. So hot and you are going to want to reach out and touch her. But. Wait! There is more! If you click on the image below or a text link you can join Keira’s members area and see the whole movie. And that is the hottest part about this dress. Watching her wanking with it on and off. Make sure to click right now.

Check out this hot dress in the image below and then click.
Short dress

And now the sample of the movie. Not to worry its not super short. It is a little over two minutes of hotness! Enjoy!

Tight tranny ass

Who else around here loves a tight tranny ass? And who else here loves Keira Verga. Then I guess that we can all not only agree that she has one. But we can as a group drool over her body and the things that she does. Click now to see more!

Take for instance the Cock pump video that she did. Yeah that’s right. Keira Verga did a cock pump clip and you are going to love watching this. I have a couple minutes of it below for you. Anyway. She stated out showing off her tight tranny ass, but when she saw the pump she just had to try it out. As most of you know Keira actually has a pretty big cock. But its also super sensitive. So while she enjoying using the cock pump she said that it also hurt a little. That she greatly preferred a mans mouth or the mouth of another trans.

But trust me when I say you are going to love watching this video clip we have. So make sure and scroll down to see it. Also if you want. You can click right now on the image below or even click on a text link to check out the tour of her website and then join her members area. You will love her movies and photo sets. Your cock will be hard for months. Click right now.

Tight tranny ass

Now the video clip. Hope this gets your cock hard.

Trans Girl party dress!!

Trans Girl party dress!

Glitter, sequins and all things that shine. I’m not a shemale for nothing ha! Check me out in my latest photo set, dressed in the sparkliest and shiniest dress ever. It sure is a perfect Trans Girl party dress!  Oh, and as you can see I am showing just a little of my cock! Hope you like the peek!


For those of you who want to see more of me in this sexy dress, just click on the image below. You can find this set in my members area. I also have on heels for those of you who love to see long legs in high heels.

Trans Girl party dress

Oops, my shecock looks kind small in this photo, but you guys know it is kind of big 🙂


Furthermore guys, you can also check out more free samples of me here in all sorts of positions and sexy poses!


Come on guys. Do not waut and do not hesitate. You will not find a more naturally beautiful girl that Keira Verga. And you wont find a better body. She now has implants and they are very firm and beautiful. And her ass is so tight and natural you will want to sink your cock right in!

Big tits big cock trans.

Do you also love a big tits big cock trans? Or do you prefer the girls that are more petite with smaller tits and cock? Keira Verga started out just like that. She is petite anyway but she had small tits. Without the implants they were natural. Her cock was always kind of big. But the hormones made it smaller for a while. Now that she has cut back on the need for hormones her cock is back to full length. She also has some nice big tits from the implants and natural combination and it looks hot. So when you start to look around again for a hot Big tits big cock trans keep Keira Verga in mind.

For those of you who do not know! Keira Verga is in Mexico and you can look her up on your next trip for vacation or work. She is a super star and you will love meeting her.

Big tits big cock trans

If you have never been with a trans girl, then Keira is for you. Gentle and sweet and beautiful you can not ask for a better first date with a trans girl. In fact as far as trans girls go, she stands out in the crowd as the hottest. Just look at the photo above to see for yourself.

Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress

Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress!

Hi baby!  This is a sun set I did with a cute red stripped dress I found tucked away in my closet the other day.  I thought it was really neat, so why not take some sexy shots in it right?  What do you think?  Should I do a movie with it on as well.  Hmmmm… about I’m a sexy candy stripper and you need my sucker to feel better? Or Maybe you want to slide up behind me and play with my tight little trans girl ass? Can you just imagine slipping this dress up and over my little ass to play with my love hole?

Oh, isn’t that a naughty and sexy thought.  I’m getting so excited just thinking about that.  How about you. Would you want to play along with me?

Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress

I really like how my legs look in my red pumps.

You can see my cute shemale tushy peeking out. Do not miss out on checking out this photo set, Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress. you will love what I have hiding under there.

Also remember that you can see other free but lower quality sample photos and videos here. Check me out in sexy panties!


I Know You Want To See More Of Me So Cum On In Baby


Shemale In Boots

Shemale In Boots!

What is it with me and all my dresses?  I just love the ability to wear a cute dress that matches my mood for the day. Today I’m feeling frisky so my short black skirt and top are rather appropriate don’t you think?  I think the boots were a fitting touch.  Now, you don’t think for a moment that they are going to stay on very long do you?  This tranny LOVES to be nude and today is no exception. So make sure and comment here guys about this set of me as a Shemale In Boots!

Shemale In Boots

Don’t I have a sexy gleam in my eye?

Look what is poking out to say hi 🙂 Get down on your knees. Move close to me. Now close your eyes and open your mouth. Once the head of my cock is in your mouth, close your lips and start stroking my pole. Slow at first so you can feel it getting longer, fatter and harder. Once my cock is hard then you can move faster and deeper.

Also if you want to see a few more samples of the sets I have in the members area, click here for some hot Lingerie samples.


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Thick Lips on Kiera Verga!

Thick Lips on Kiera Verga! Well, how many people like thick juicy lips on a hot tranny like Kiera Verga? Also how many of you like thick lips no matter what. Personally I like to feel them against my balls and around the head of my cock. And a little teeth action is not out of the question! So when I see a set of Thick wet lips like Keira’s I just want to kiss them.

So when you look at a hot tranny with big lips do you automatically think about her sucking your cock? Or maybe even licking your ass and sucking on it? Come on. Break out of your shell and let us know what you think. Would you let Keira play with your cock? Maybe you would even let her put those lips on your ass hole. Sticking her tongue into you? Just click on a text link or the image below to check out more of this super hot trans girl.

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Thick Lips

SO Hot! And so ready. Just click and find out for yourself how hot and ready she really is. The fire she will build in you will be devastating and you will need to cum soon.