Short skirt long legs.

When it comes to a hot trans girl in a short skirt long legs set, who do you look for first? For most men its a girl like Keira Verga. She has a killer set of long legs and such a beautiful face that you just have to stare at her.  Can you just imagine being on top of Keira Verga. The short skirt long legs and heels wrapped around you. Using her legs and feet to pull you down and slam your cock deeper into her hole? How beautiful that would be and hot sexy over all.

Short skirt long legs

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Sexy black lingerie

Once again we find ourselves looking at the amazing body of Keira Verga. Today she is posing in sexy black lingerie and as you can see. Well its worth taking a moment to look at and enjoy! She was doing this photo shoot for her members area and then started getting hot. This was one of those shoots where she was not supposed to get an erection. But she was looking at the camera guy and I of course was looking at her. At one point I adjusted my cock in my shorts and saw her cock get fat and hard.

Keira Verga loves Sexy black lingerie and she says that with it on she gets hard really fast. She likes the way her own body looks. And personally so do I and so did the camera man. Once we both got hard, Keira started jerking!

For those of you who know Keira and have seen her with an erection in or out of Lingerie. You know she has a big cock. From the round tight ass and the small tits to her big tranny cock she is the perfect trans girl.

Sexy Black Lingerie

And as you can see. Sexy Black lingerie is the thing for her to wear as often as she can for you!

Hotpants Panties

Panties come in many different sizes and shapes. But mine are HotPants Panties. And as you can see in the image below they look amazing on the right ass. And this ass is not only the right one. But it also belongs to Keira Verga. And she has the right trans ass for HotPants Panties. And she fills them out so nice and makes them look so tasty. Dont you just want to slide your tongue over that ass?

Now imagine Keira posing something like this for you. She has on either these black or even another color of HotPants Panties. How would you remove them from her tight little trans girl body? For me, the first thing I would do is walk up behind her and slap that ass. Nice and hard and leave a handprint on her ass. Then I will yank the hotpants panties down spread her ass cheeks and shove my tongue into her tight little tranny ass hole.

No kissing or messing around. Straight to the hardcore action of getting her hot and getting her cock hard. Then once you stand up and start to stick your own hard cock into that bubble butt. Reach up and yank back on her hair and slam your cock deep and hard.

HotPants Panties

Small titty trans

Like a hot small titty trans? Well we sure do and Keira Verga fits that bill in this older photo shoot she did. She was just 21 when this set was taken and she still had an amazing hard body. Small tits and a tight round little ass. But her cock was the thing that stuck out the most! Jijiji. See what I did there?

Anyway, this small titty trans girl has only gotten hotter and this set was one of her best. She kept the high heels and stockings on so that she was sure to turn on every single man that visited her site looking for a small titty trans. Keira has it all and you must see more of this right now. So make sure to click on that image below. Oh, and you will also love the movies of her wearing those heels and using a big hard dildo in her ass.

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Small titty trans

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Sexy pantyhose

So I was trying on all sorts of clothing when someone handed me a small package and said try these on. I looked at it and was a bit confused because I had never seen a package like it before. It was like a little plastic easter egg. But it had a seam so I opened it up and it had pantyhose in it. In fact they were quite sexy pantyhose and I thought they looked amazing. I could not wait to get them on.

Now if you have never put on sexy pantyhose or stockings you know that you need to go slow. A single snag and they are ruined. So I took my time. Then being a bit tired I sat down and rested a min. As you can see of the sexy stockings in the photo below, I was not completely finished putting them on. But I felt the photo was hot and I wanted to share it with you! So you see a little sweet treat sticking up some?

Ahh Yes. I can see the light in your eyes as you realize what I am talking about. So click a text link or the image to see more of that treat and the photos in this set. You will love this hot shot.
Sexy Pantyhose

I really hope this was hot enough for you to want to see more.

Thick Juicy cock

So you wanted to see some Thick Juicy Cock? Well you know that you are on the blog all about Keira Verga and you know that she has that Thick Juicy cock waiting for you. And she is always showing it off. So sit back, relax and read a little and enjoy her cock, her tits and the sexy lingerie she is almost wearing. 🙂

Keira Verga as you already know has a very firm body. Literally no fat on her and she still looks super tasty. Her ass is round and tight and a bit small but very sexy. Her love hole is so tight your going to peel your cock trying to get inside of her. But that will be the greatest ache and pain you have ever felt. So enjoy it if you get the chance.

Keira also has very nice and shapely legs and she also likes to show those off with the shortest skirts and high heels on. Just take a look at this photo below and see what you think about her body and over all look!

We think its stunning. By the way you can click to photo to see more.
Thick Juicy cock

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Trans girl worship

Guys I thought I would write this myself because its about something special. So forgive my trans lated english. This is about Trans girl worship. And about the girl I worship and who was my inspiration in my conversion. As you can see in the photo below I am posing with Ana Mancini. She is the Blonde trans girl super star that you all love. And she is my trans girl worship. I love her and we get along well. So when I had the chance to model some hot lingerie with her I was more than willing and I got more than hard doing it.

I hope you like this sample photo and I hope that you check out the rest of our sets in my members area. Just click on the photo below. The sets are so hot and she is so beautiful. You will love seeing us together.

Trans girl worship

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