Cock Pump

Have you ever used a Cock Pump. Most of you guys know me and know I have a pretty big cock. But the one time I was shooting at a friends house I decided to try out the one that she has. I have to admit that it was a really different feeling! My cock ached so bad while it was inside the cock pump but when I took it off I missed and wanted that ache back again. It was so sensual to feel the pressure on my cock like that.

Cock pump

I also happened to record some of the set on video so you should love watching me use the pump. If you never have tried one I would advise that you do. It really works best if your cock is hard before you put it into the pump. But either way give it a try and see how it makes you feel!

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Big firm tits

When a trans girl finally gets her boobs done. They usually look like the perfect set of big firm tits. And they usually are. Keira Verga wanted to show off her big firm tits in the very best ways, and this photo set was one of them. Her cute little school girl shirt. The Big firm tits sticking out. And her spread legs under the table showing a nice upskirt shot. Now I need to point out that this photo is a screen grab from the movie and that means that you really need to watch it. Click now on a text link to join Keira Verga and see the movie.

Her big firm tits came out almost as soon as the camera started rolling. She said she did not get implants to hide them. And I for one was happy about that. And as soon as she sat her tight little tranny ass down in the chair she showed off her cock with her spread legs. No panties and that was the hottest. I could and so can you, see her cock and balls touching the chair that she is is sitting in. Then she grabbed her anal toy and started sucking on it. This is all something that you need to see. So Join Keira Now.

Trust me when I say this movie is going to make you cum fast.
Big firm tits

Anal Sex toys

Well I dont know about you, but anal sex toys get me excited. And yes they often get me hard. I love them. My ass loves Anal Sex toys but most of all my cock and balls love a good anal sex toy. Now if you have to ass why my trans girl cock and balls might love a toy then you most likely have never played with one. That is a sad thing to think. Every man should play with an anal sex toy at least one time in their life.

So let me explain why my trans girl cock and balls love the toys. When the toy first penetrates you ass it kind of hurts. But once it pops past that tight muscle in your hole its all pleasure. The toy then begins to gently massage your prostate. The massage against the prostate and the shaft going in and out of your hole builds the excitement. It makes your balls get tight and hard with cum and it adds more of the precum to the mix. The tension and be felt and it feels amazing. Come on. Lets play with Anal Sex toys!

Anal sex toy

Yes my loves that toy is going into my ass. Watch below.

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