Distracted in the afternoon

Oh my God!!!  I was supposed to spend the entire afternoon study for my phlebotomy test I have tomorrow, instead I came accross this crazy game, buble shooter and I got so hooked with it that I could not stop playing and didnt study shit “:)…. My roommate is scolding me right now and she is right. I will get back to the books, but not now, in an hour or two, after I masturbate and shower, in that order.

I need to water the plants in the yard. I have to do laundry. I have to buy some books online. Crap, it’s hard not to be a mom and going to school and being a pretty shemale, all together is a lot of work. It’s Tuesday right? I cant forget I have an appointment this Thursday for a shooting of pictures and videos for the new material. My photographer this time is going to be a lady. I have worked with her before, she is very strict, she does not appreciated impuctuality, in the other hand she is very very good and has a great experience (not to mention she does it for freeeeeee)

Not seeing the above Live webcam feed or its not working. Click right here. Your Browser is blocking it!

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