Tired and salty

I am worn out. I got the shooting today. It was worthy though because man…did I come out pretty in those pictures. You are going to love them when you see them.Unfortunately I cant give you an advance now because my manager is very strict.

I feel feline today, hahaha ^^..those are cat ears in case you did not notice. Well, now I am going to take a shower and get ready to do the strenuous activity of…pouring myself a glass of wine. I am so glad I am 18 so I can legally drink, not that it matters here, LOL. No so mucho looking forward the the legal ago for smoke because I don think I will never smoke cigarettes.  They are stinky and expensive.

I kissed once a man who smoked and it was nasty.

I’m off to the shower now. I want to rebloom after this hard day that made me all sweaty, I am a really sweaty shemale right now. I lick my own skin and is salty.

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