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Cruise to the bahamas

I am getting ready to go on a cruise tomorrow. I am just done packing. I made sure to pack my thongs to walk around as the proud owner of a shecock. I have noticed that men look at me lasciviously rather than annoyed for me being what I am and that makes me think that any man would love to get together with a shemale, at least out of curiosity

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Logan (2017) HD

Director : James Mangold.
Release : 2017-02-28
Country : United States of America.
Language : English,Español.
Runtime : 135 min.
Genre : Action, Drama, Science Fiction.

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In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan's attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.

A fitting requiem to the most recognisable X-Man, James Mangold’s Logan gives the towering Hugh Jackman a vast canvas for his swansong. In the film, Logan, better known as the hirsute, iron-clawed Wolverine, is much weakened and weathered but no less violent. This curtain call spares no punches, but it does so with an emotional undercurrent.

The year is 2029. Mutants have been all but eradicated or banished from North America. A few manage to hide out, adopting new identities and learning how to manage their powers. Logan is now a limo driver with a persistent cough, spectacles and a drinking problem. He is saving up for a life of exile on a boat while also caring for a much-depleted Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) with the help of albino Caliban (Stephen Merchant).

But Logan’s plans take a turn with the arrival of a next-generation mutant. With the introduction of Laura (Dafne Keen)—a female mini-Wolverine—the film becomes even more visceral than it already was. Laura remains mute for the most part, but when she’s enraged she screeches like a banshee and turns into a killing machine with metallic claws. Logan may have a pre-teen leading lady, but this is no film for kids.

Logan and Laura’s fates get intertwined when she convinces him to take her to a safe haven (which she’s read about in a comic book) for new age mutants. In a meta moment, Logan tells her that she shouldn’t believe all she reads. As they try to make the deadline for a meeting in North Dakota, they are hotly pursued by a private agency trying to capture the girl. The styling of Boyd Holbrook (as Donald) and Richard E Grant (as the scientist Dr. Rice) and some crazy desert chases have echoes of a dusty western much like Mad Max.

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To Mangold’s credit, you don’t feel the running time of 135 minutes, and there’s something poignant about seeing an aging Logan losing his indestructibility and inching towards an inevitable end.

After playing Wolverine a staggering nine times, if Jackman is indeed done with the facial hairstyling, growling and slicing claws, he’s ensured you are left feeling the loss.

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I strongly identify with Cleopatra, that queen from the past. She was beautiful, lush, liked sex and loved to play with men. Rumor has it that she was very innovative in bed and came up with positions that men had never experienced. She was never made ​​for marriage and even thought she was married she always missed how good it was a bad life. I am not married and I cant imagine myself in that roll. Nor do I miss the life of vice and lust, parties and sex because I have it right there at my fingertips. So many things I want to live now that I’m young to not regret anything the day of tomorrow.
Now that I think of it, I would also love to be Snow White and have 7 dwarfs to do everything for me, the cleaning, the laundry, the cooking, and even the studying. I would be all day walking in the woods, singing, bathing naked in the lakes and eating fruits.

Puppy love

Once again the puppies of my neighbor drew me to his house. I never suspected that a regular morning like today’s I was gonna have this unexpected awesome sex next door. I feel renewed. I was back from school very happy after I was told I had an A in my last exam and then I crossed with my neighbor in the elevator and asked him about the puppies. He gave away 3 and now has only one left but I still felt like passing by to check on it. He was very insinuative with all hi comments about oh how pretty you are, oh your eyes are beautiful, oh look that’s a bulge in your pants…A bulge? I asked, yes, he said, right there and I want to see more. And he saw more 🙂

Getting out of the bed

Today getting out of the bed took me like….I am still in it, lol 🙂

I finally got out and when I look around my room is messed up, shoes on the floor, bundles of clothes everywhere, lingerie, glasses, but I see roses, yes, there they are, roses and petals over the Vanite, on the champagne tray, right here on the bed. On my very self, tangled in my hair. I am a huge poutpurri and smell incredibly nice. I have so much to clean and pick up but I wonder…Who did I kick out?

No way, I head back to bed.

Tired and salty

I am worn out. I got the shooting today. It was worthy though because man…did I come out pretty in those pictures. You are going to love them when you see them.Unfortunately I cant give you an advance now because my manager is very strict.

I feel feline today, hahaha ^^..those are cat ears in case you did not notice. Well, now I am going to take a shower and get ready to do the strenuous activity of…pouring myself a glass of wine. I am so glad I am 18 so I can legally drink, not that it matters here, LOL. No so mucho looking forward the the legal ago for smoke because I don think I will never smoke cigarettes.  They are stinky and expensive.

I kissed once a man who smoked and it was nasty.

I’m off to the shower now. I want to rebloom after this hard day that made me all sweaty, I am a really sweaty shemale right now. I lick my own skin and is salty.


Hi buttercups! I took the test today and did unexpectedly good. now I am certified to take blood out of the human body. I feel “vampiresa” that’s the female vampire.

My to do list is shrinking. I got to do plenty today, after the exam I cam home and did many things that I had postponed. And spent a lot of money too. The books alone were $137 and I bought them online, used, so imagine if they were new.

Tomorrow I have to take a class that lasts 6 hours, crazy 🙂


Distracted in the afternoon

Oh my God!!!  I was supposed to spend the entire afternoon study for my phlebotomy test I have tomorrow, instead I came accross this crazy game, buble shooter and I got so hooked with it that I could not stop playing and didnt study shit “:)…. My roommate is scolding me right now and she is right. I will get back to the books, but not now, in an hour or two, after I masturbate and shower, in that order.

I need to water the plants in the yard. I have to do laundry. I have to buy some books online. Crap, it’s hard not to be a mom and going to school and being a pretty shemale, all together is a lot of work. It’s Tuesday right? I cant forget I have an appointment this Thursday for a shooting of pictures and videos for the new material. My photographer this time is going to be a lady. I have worked with her before, she is very strict, she does not appreciated impuctuality, in the other hand she is very very good and has a great experience (not to mention she does it for freeeeeee)

A tranny emoticon

I have a friend, she lives in Cancun and knows every club in the hotel zone. She wants to take me clubbing with her because she thinks that I am hot and she believes that I can get her to enter more easily into places of difficult access for no so pretty girls like her. She is clueles about me being a tranny and I dont really know I should tell her…or should I? There is always the same conundrum for every tranny out there eh?

I still have not figured how to do the emoticon of a shemale…I need the trannypipe and the piece that connects the balls with the shecock. I’ve got this so far $:)-8–: (I DONT HAVE THE COCK YET), so that’s the face, the neck, the boobs, the torso, the balls (rather smalls) and I am still working in the rest ;)…I also need arms and legs. Any help will be appreciated

Have a nice week.

I draw blood

I am going to school to become a nurse and I already learned how to draw blood. I love that I can do that. And I not always need a needle.

Guys the emoticon is a girl with a bow in her see? $:)…a pretty shegirl with a big shecock would go like this $:)▬8– I am still missing the legs and the arms but I’ll get to it.

Today I have to study for a test I have tomorrow and then THE WEEKEEEEEEEEND!!!!!! I love Fridays. And I LOVE YOU TOO!!! ♪♫