Trans Girl Photos.

Trans Girl Photos

I’m still learning the ropes around this blogging thing, and I think my photos were a little too small. Testing to see if this photo comes out bigger, please be patient 🙂 So, really do me a favor and post comments. Take a look at my Trans Girl Photos and let me know if they are big enough. Also make sure and tell me if the quality is good. Further more if you can describe how they make your cock feel, I would greatly appreciate it. I ask for this because knowing how the photos make your cock feel, well it makes mine feel tingly to read. So make sure and be descriptive and if you can show some photos.

Trans Girl Photos


Do not forget that I also have plenty of video clips on this site as well. Just surf around for them in your favorite category. I am sure you will find something that you like. Do not miss out on getting off with me in the members area. I have so many photo sets and movies that you will get sore jerking with me. But we will both love when we cum together.

For instance take a look here at my Panties section!


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  1. You are just great!Did you have a facebook?

  2. Hi
    Keira you are beautiful and talented with a nice cock,i hope i will see you more often in many websites other than your’s.In any chance, are you interested
    in topping/dominating a genetic girl?.Keep it up, show more passion,speed and aggressive dominant nature of you.Love and kisses

  3. I’d like to think after all these years that I’m straight, but u are the most beautiful and by far the sexiest person on the planet. Love all of your gorgeous photos!!!

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