A lot of trans girls dress up in different ways for men. They just want to be as sexy as they can and often they will wear something like stockings and a night gown to do so. Just take a look at our beauty Keira Verga in the photo set below.

When we arrived for the photo shoot Keira was just walking out of the bathroom and was dressed exactly like this. It was a bit chilly in the room so even though she had put her stockings back on, she had re dressed in her nigh gown to keep a little warmer. I personally thought that it was cute and really showed off her real life personality so I got the camera going taking photos.

For those of you who know Keira or have at least seen her photos before. You know that she loves panties and also stockings. So seeing these photos of her is going to be a real turn on for you. Simply click the image below or a text link above to check out her website and to join her members area.


Yesss!!! Take me there NOW. I can not wait to see more of Keira in her stockings and other sexy lingerie!

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