Ranting about Video Games

I know you all love me and will forgive this little rant. So sorry to post it on my blog, but I have no other place to express myself. Here comes the rant:

Why do people play video games with fake lives? I mean, why play something like MineCraft, where you have to build a house, a garden, etc., while vegetating in front of the computer, when you can build that same garden in REAL LIFE? My little nephew is 8 years old and is obsessed with playing games like that (something called Sims, MineCraft, and a couple more). WHY? Isn’t it more fun to plant a real garden? To build a little dog house with real wood and nails and a hammer, than just clicking on your mouse? What kind of future generation awaits us?

I’m so glad I’ll never have kids, because I don’t want to contribute to a future Earth where people will live fake lives instead of real, fun, energetic ones, where you get sweaty and dirty and tired!


Anyway, that was my rant. Hoping you will all forgive me and if any of you love to play fake-lives games, please get up from in front of your computer right now and go plant a real seed! Or leave your seed in a real girl’s coochie 😀

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