Trans in pantyhose

Who else likes to see a trans in pantyhose? I love it and I am so happy to share with you today a photo of Keira Verga. She is our hot trans in pantyhose of the day! And I honestly think you will love this set. Its from a movie in her members area actually and that means hot live action to watch rather than just this photo. So now that we have established that this is Keira Verga the trans in pantyhose lets talk about touching a girl in pantyhose.

When you have a girl wearing pantyhose for you the first thing to do is verbally compliment her. Let her know you like the look and feel. Then start to caress her knee. If you can slide your fingertips down the inside of her thigh. Then right back up. Don’t at first move towards her cock. Go slow and stay near her knee. Once you get her breathing a little harder, then its time to move your fingers toward her cock. But don’t touch it. Just tease her inner though through the pantyhose. Trust me, she is going to love the feeling and it will send chills through her body.

Click on the image below to watch the movie of Keira Verga trans in pantyhose.

Trans in pantyhose

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