Keira Verga’s tight ass

Anyone else want to sit here and just stare at Keira Verga’s tight ass? Yeah me too. I am having a real hard time getting my eyes off her tight ass and my cock out of my hand to type this. But have faith. I will complete it even if I finish with a sticky keyboard!

This shot and set of Keira Verga’s tight ass was shot at a ranch home. She was on the front porch and was actually changing clothing when the camera saw a chance to get some photos of that very tight little ass she has. Being the amazing trans girl that she is, Keira started to pose and show it off. I stood there watching and drooling with the video camera in my hand. I guess I was just wondering how a girl so hot could have such an amazing tight ass.

Click on the image below of Keira Verga’s tight ass and get a look at the rest of the set. You will also get to see that big trans girl cock of hers!
Keira Verga's tight ass

Do not miss out on seeing this set. And for sure do not miss out thinking over some of the hot things that you could do to her ass if you got the chance.

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