Heels and Pantyhose

When you work your way up a girls body you see things like this. Heels and Pantyhose, leg ass and then her back. The last things that you see are her tits and then her face and hair. But I need to ask does it really matter?

Yeah I get it. Being at the mall for instance you will rarely watch peoples feet. More likely catching glances of their hair and face first. But today I wanted to share this photo of the sexy and sensual Keira Verga. But I also wanted to start out looking at her feet.

Are those not some very sexy high heels she has on? Im talking about the kind of heels that make your cock start to twitch? Then add in the idea of those pantyhose! Knowing that they start at her cute toes and then go all the way up to her waist. The cover her tight little tranny ass and they also help to hide that big juicy tranny cock she has. And yes in case you have never seen Keira. Her cock is big and gets nice and hard.

Make sure to check out more of this set by clicking on the image below. You can also follow a text link to the same location. Once there just click join and fill in that little form and click again. Fill in the next form and boom you are done. Joined and ready to get off with Keira.
Heels and pantyhose

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