TS Keira Verga

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TS Keira Verga

My name is Keira Verga, I am 18 years old and as you probably noticed, I am a shemale. Or at least you will notice on the next photo in this slide ;) More »

TS Keira Verga

If you like us shemales young, energetic and very glamorous, I\\\'m confident that you\\\'ll enjoy spending time with me, watching my videos and browsing through my sexy photos. More »

Now that we are acquainted, I want to invite you to read my posts. After all, this is a blog, and that\\\'s what blogs are for ;) More »


Teen Shemale In Pigtails

I went to bed last night and my hair was wet, so I put in pigtails so I wouldn’t have such a mess this morning.  I think I look cute.  What do you think?

I think the stocks were a nice touch as well :-)

Do you think my tight tranny ass is cute?

Oh…..my cock looks so hard there.  Guess what?  It was…hehe

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Nikki Montero on Webcam tomorrow

Yep thats right. Tomorrow at 6PM central time Nikki will be doing a webcam show. Follow the link below.

Date. 9/13/2014

Place: http://transgirlcams.com/chat/nikki_montero

XOXO Keira

Pretty Shemale Jerks Her Shecock

I have a naughty little secret.  I love to have my tushy fondled, fingered, and penetrated almost as much as having my cock played with.  I’m soooo sensitive back there and it doesn’t take me long to orgasm when a big cock is thrusting deep inside me.  Today I thought I’d tease you a little and see if you want to fuck me in my tight tranny ass.  Do you?  I want you to, and I’ll show you how badly I want your cock baby.  Tell me you want me.  I need to hear it, PLEASE!

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Look Into My Eyes

Hi Guys!

I really like my eyes in this picture.  What do you think.  I don’t often wear a lot of makeup on my eyes, but today I decided to spice it up a little and went with some heavy black eye liner and maskera.  I really like the effect.  Next time, I’m going to do the same thing, but with my hair straight and see how much of a difference it makes.  I always think I look a lot different with my hair straight than with it curly.  Who knows, pretty soon people will think I have a twin on my site.  Oh Geeez, and they will be asking us to do a scene together.  Please give me your thoughts about the makeup.  I would really appreciate it ;-)

Keira Vergas Holding Her Huge Tranny Cock

Teen Tranny In Black Dress

I love this dress so much.  Makes me so sexy with the way it hangs and is so sleek and sheer.  I wanted to show everybody how good it looked too. Of course, you do get a sneak peak of what’s under it as well ;-)

Care to guess what I’m thinking?

Well…I did say the dress excited me……hehe

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Ana Mancini’s tits for Free!

Holy Hell, How can I see that, you may be asking your self? Well its simple. We have this site called TranniesHD.com and its all about free. Photos and videos and all in HD just for your viewing pleasure. This update is with one of the latest galleries of Ana Mancini showing her amazing tits!

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Shemale In Bodysuit Masturbating

I was feeling really kinky tonight and wanted to share it with you.  I just love this fishnet bodysuit.  I think I look really sexy in it.  What do you think?  Would you like to see me fondle and stroke by big cock for you baby?  I bet you would and I’m going to give you a little taste of just how naughty this teen tranny can really be.  I’m going to show you everything and then some.  Do you want me?  I certainly hope so ;-)

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I Lost My Panties

What do you think of my pretty pink panties?  I like them, but I think I like them better when they are off :-)

I look kind of mean there don’t I?

Holding my pretty tranny cock feels really good

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Lazy In The Chair

Today was one of those nice days when I got to lay around and be lazy.  Class was done for the day and it was warm and breezy outside.  Nobody was around, so what’s a girls to do?  Lay back on my favorite chair and play with myself, that’s what.  I had my little camosol on and nothing else.  The breeze blowing the soft material against my skin was arousing and very sensual.  I layed back in my chair and let it slip down past my hard nipples to my soft tummy.  I had been hard for some time now, so grasping my shecock I started what became a slow 45 minutes session.  A wonderful way to end a wonder day :-)

Horny Shemale Stroking Her Big Cock

Masturbating My Big Tranny Cock

I thought I’d add some fun today with this hot video of me from a while back.  I love jerking my big shemale cock and feeling how hard it gets.  The feeling of cum oozing out is incredibly, so why not do it all the time right?  Oh, and my cute yellow vibe works really well inside me.  Not nearly as good as a hard, fat cock, but when in a bind what’s a horny gal to do?

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