Keira Verga in sexy pink playing with her cock!

Keira Verga in sexy pink playing with her cock! And now I have to ask. Do you guys know what Verga means in Spanish? And the reason I use the name Keira Verga? Hahaha its actually funny. So go and check it out and see if it makes you smile.

And now, down to the sexy business of this post. Take a look at my video below and let me know what you think. Also if you can take time time to comment here and maybe rate my videos and photos in my members area, that would be a big help.

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Big firm tits

When a trans girl finally gets her boobs done. They usually look like the perfect set of big firm tits. And they usually are. Keira Verga wanted to show off her big firm tits in the very best ways, and this photo set was one of them. Her cute little school girl shirt. The Big firm tits sticking out. And her spread legs under the table showing a nice upskirt shot. Now I need to point out that this photo is a screen grab from the movie and that means that you really need to watch it. Click now on a text link to join Keira Verga and see the movie.

Her big firm tits came out almost as soon as the camera started rolling. She said she did not get implants to hide them. And I for one was happy about that. And as soon as she sat her tight little tranny ass down in the chair she showed off her cock with her spread legs. No panties and that was the hottest. I could and so can you, see her cock and balls touching the chair that she is is sitting in. Then she grabbed her anal toy and started sucking on it. This is all something that you need to see. So Join Keira Now.

Trust me when I say this movie is going to make you cum fast.
Big firm tits

Tight dress

Keira Verga is just one of those girls we love to see in a tight dress. So we got this one and bought it in a size one. However as you can see its not the tight dress we thought it would be. But it is just tight enough in the ass area to look pretty damn hot. She also had on some sexy high heels and combined with the tight dress we thought that this was worth sharing with you. Of course the best part about this dress and the high heels is going to be when she takes them off. Showing off her panties. Then getting all of that off as well to show off her trans girl cock and ass. Just wait until you see this. No don’t wait. Click now!

Most of you know that Keira Verga has a very tight hard body. She also has a look that is amazing and sexy. With a beautiful face and legs she is almost the perfect girl. The only thing that stops her from being perfect is she is not on your arm right now. But you can make her that way. High heels and panties and all. Simply click on the image below to watch her get naked and show off her hard trans girl body. Watch her get that big juicy cock of hers hard.

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Tight dress

Keira Vergas ass hole

Want to take a look at Keira Vergas ass hole? Yeah you do. We all do and I am going to share a shot with you that I will need to tell you about. Its a bit of an odd photo. But once you realize what you are looking at you are going to love seeing Keira Vergas ass hole like this!

Let me set the stage. Keira was having some fun with the Tranny Banger. She had invited him to her shoot just to teas him. But as most times things got out of control and they ended up fucking on camera. So Keira Vergas ass hole was spread and showing and up in the air and the tranny banger reached over with his finger lubed and stuck it right in. She Gasped and then flipped over and grabbed him and they kissed. The set was changed and they decided that she needed his cock in her tight tranny ass. So you get to watch that fun right now. Just take a look.

Keira Vergas ass hole

This is a screen cap from the movie about mid way through. The next thing you are going to see go into that amazing ass hole is His cock. So get yours out and get ready and then click the image above to join and watch the movie.

Cock and heels

Most of us guys love cock and heels. Trans cock that is. And the heels. Well almost any sort is hot. So lets take a look at a photo I have for you of cock and heels with Keira Verga. Now I know that most of you know she is one stunning Mexican Trans girl. And a Mexican trans girl like Keira loves to get dressed up and go out on dates and have a good time. And that is HOT because of the way that she will sometimes dress for those dates.

Take for instance the photo you see of Keira below. That is actually a dress and she wore that to a night club. In the taxi she had on a coat. But once she arrived the coat came off. Now the way the dress is made it holds her cock down but you can see right through. And if you pop her cock out a hole you can stroke her where ever you are. And seeing that body with the heels and her cock. Well its just too much to see and not get your own cock hard.

Cock and heels

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Hardbody trans

Hardbody trans Keira Verga. The girl of your dreams that you have been searching for. Now you have found and can finally shoot a load worth shooting. Most of you know this beauty. Some of you may have just found her when searching for a hot hardbody trans. So for you new guys her name is Keira Verga as the domain says. She is a Mexican trans girl and after you get a look you are going to go Nuts wanting to see more and more. So hold onto your cock and balls because Keira is beautiful.

Keira had her tits done about 6 months before this movie was taken. Oh yeah this photo below is a screen cap from a movie in her members area. Just to show off the quality a little. But that Hardbody trans is all Keira. And so fucking hot. I actually tickled her one day and under her skin is muscle that is hard and perfect but her body feels so soft to the touch. And those big trans girl tits of hers are amazing. Also got to play with those a little 🙂 !

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Hardbody trans

Big cock Keira

Well well what do we have here? Could that be our favorite girl Big cock Keira? Yes it is and thank the gods because its wanking time in less then 2 minutes. And this photo is the perfect one for that sort of action! Keira Verga as you know is a Mexican Latina trans girl. In her early photos she had only hormone tits. As in the image below. But even then she was one of the most beautiful girls you have have met. Just peek at the photo right now to see for yourself. But make sure to read the rest of the text. It’s important.

Good. You came back up here to read. Anyway, Keira was sitting on this balcony that was overlooked by many houses and she was having lunch. She noted a guy from the window next door looking at her. He was apparently wearing very little clothing and she was sure he was wanking. So she made sure he could see her, spread her legs and got her own cock hard. And as you can see. Big cock Keira has a nice big cock to show off. This of course caused the guy to blow a load all over the window. And that made Keira giggle!

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Big cock Keira