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Trans on Trans

I think guys that it is time for a little bit of trans on trans. And that means some hot action with Keira Verga. So today the photo and the video clip we have is of Keira Verga and Nina StrongHold! And if you want to talk about a hot time. You really need to watch this. And enjoy what’s about to happen between these two hot trans girls.

So the story was that Keira was shooting some photos and videos. When her phone went off she grabbed it and it was Nina calling her asking what she was doing. After a brief conversation Keira asked Nina if she wanted to come and fuck and record it all. Nina agreed and the following movie was recorded. Not just this one though. There were three the same day and they are all hot. And all Trans on Trans!

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Trans on Trans

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Petite trans girl

Everyone enjoys looking at a petite trans girl. Especially when she is wearing something sexy like a short top. And also a short skirt with heels. But when you see and make note that she also left her panties at home!! Well that means things are going to get hot and hard fast. Take for instance the photo and video sample of Keira Verga below. She was about to step out on a date and decided to grab a few photos of herself. That then turned into a video as well and we got all the action recorded to share with you right here. So Click and watch this whole movie in her members area.

Oh yeah I do want to mention. Keira did get redressed after this and go out on her date. Where she promptly flashed a number of people at dinner and then got bent over and fucked hard in the ass on the beach. That part though was not caught on video as the guy did not want to be recorded. But Keira had already shot her load in this video so it did not matter anyway.

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Petite Trans Girl

Surfing Porn

Surfing porn has become one of the things that is shared across all genders. From men to women and even trans girls. Its a fast and easy way to find something that excites you so that you can masturbate.

Now a girl like Keira Verga does it not only to masturbate but also to get herself hot and stay that way for as long as she can. Making sure that once her cock is hard, she is careful to stroke it in a way that one make her cum. Edging more or less. Bringing herself right to the edge or orgasm and then stopping.

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Surfing Porn


Believe it or not, stripping is something that we all do. Just think about it for a minute. You get home from work or school and you have been in the same clothes for hours. You take them off. Ta Da!!! You did it. You stripped your clothes off. And that is the same thing that Keira Verga does here for us today. However I have to say that watching her do this is a truck load sexier than watching myself. And that is one of the reasons I have seen this movie more than ten times. Click here to see the whole movie.

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Shower Fun

Shower fun with Keira Verga. I want to ask you one simple question. Would you like to take a shower with Keira? And if you got that chance to get wet and soapy and slippery with her. What would you do first?

I am thinking that starting out with a hot wet kiss. Standing under the water with it cascading over your heads. Water falling down across you eyes and cheeks and over your lips as they touch. Your tongues seek each other out between your lips. Fireworks go off in your chest when your tongues collide and at the same time your hands land on her sides and hips and one movies up to cup one of her firm tits. The other moves down and behind her. You take ahold of her bubble butt. Your fingers sliding in between her ass cheeks and you pull her towards you. Smashing her ever stiffening cock between you.

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Shower Fun