Hi buttercups! I took the test today and did unexpectedly good. now I am certified to take blood out of the human body. I feel “vampiresa” that’s the female vampire.

My to do list is shrinking. I got to do plenty today, after the exam I cam home and did many things that I had postponed. And spent a lot of money too. The books alone were $137 and I bought them online, used, so imagine if they were new.

Tomorrow I have to take a class that lasts 6 hours, crazy 🙂


Distracted in the afternoon

Oh my God!!!  I was supposed to spend the entire afternoon study for my phlebotomy test I have tomorrow, instead I came accross this crazy game, buble shooter and I got so hooked with it that I could not stop playing and didnt study shit “:)…. My roommate is scolding me right now and she is right. I will get back to the books, but not now, in an hour or two, after I masturbate and shower, in that order.

I need to water the plants in the yard. I have to do laundry. I have to buy some books online. Crap, it’s hard not to be a mom and going to school and being a pretty shemale, all together is a lot of work. It’s Tuesday right? I cant forget I have an appointment this Thursday for a shooting of pictures and videos for the new material. My photographer this time is going to be a lady. I have worked with her before, she is very strict, she does not appreciated impuctuality, in the other hand she is very very good and has a great experience (not to mention she does it for freeeeeee)

A tranny emoticon

I have a friend, she lives in Cancun and knows every club in the hotel zone. She wants to take me clubbing with her because she thinks that I am hot and she believes that I can get her to enter more easily into places of difficult access for no so pretty girls like her. She is clueles about me being a tranny and I dont really know I should tell her…or should I? There is always the same conundrum for every tranny out there eh?

I still have not figured how to do the emoticon of a shemale…I need the trannypipe and the piece that connects the balls with the shecock. I’ve got this so far $:)-8–: (I DONT HAVE THE COCK YET), so that’s the face, the neck, the boobs, the torso, the balls (rather smalls) and I am still working in the rest ;)…I also need arms and legs. Any help will be appreciated

Have a nice week.

I draw blood

I am going to school to become a nurse and I already learned how to draw blood. I love that I can do that. And I not always need a needle.

Guys the emoticon is a girl with a bow in her head..you see? $:)…a pretty shegirl with a big shecock would go like this $:)▬8– I am still missing the legs and the arms but I’ll get to it.

Today I have to study for a test I have tomorrow and then THE WEEKEEEEEEEEND!!!!!! I love Fridays. And I LOVE YOU TOO!!! ♪♫

Stick around :)

Hello buttercups. I guess my members have now seen more than one set of photos or videos that made them cum nicely. Well, dont give up in the watching because I am telling you, I am very surprising and will always come with new things to make you very erect. There’s not one but many photo session s and movies coming where there will be fisting, sucking, ass-fucking, shelesbians, and more. I know you will not get tired of your Keira, your barely legal shemale.

BTW…I tested a friend of mine today and put $:) and he didn’t understand what that meant. It’s pretty easy. If you get it tell me. A kiss with tongue for those who guess right.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first post here on my blog, but it certainly won’t be the last. I have lots of say, and I want to thank you beforehand for reading it 🙂



Keira Verga