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Ranting about Video Games

I know you all love me and will forgive this little rant. So sorry to post it on my blog, but I have no other place to express myself. Here comes the rant:

Why do people play video games with fake lives? I mean, why play something like MineCraft, where you have to build a house, a garden, etc., while vegetating in front of the computer, when you can build that same garden in REAL LIFE? My little nephew is 8 years old and is obsessed with playing games like that (something called Sims, MineCraft, and a couple more). WHY? Isn’t it more fun to plant a real garden? To build a little dog house with real wood and nails and a hammer, than just clicking on your mouse? What kind of future generation awaits us?

I’m so glad I’ll never have kids, because I don’t want to contribute to a future Earth where people will live fake lives instead of real, fun, energetic ones, where you get sweaty and dirty and tired!


Anyway, that was my rant. Hoping you will all forgive me and if any of you love to play fake-lives games, please get up from in front of your computer right now and go plant a real seed! Or leave your seed in a real girl’s coochie 😀

Happy 4th Of July!

I really wanted to take a minute and wish my American friends a Happy 4th Of July and hope you all party safe and have fun.  I just love fireworks and enjoy watching the really neat designs and LOVE the explosions on a warm night.  I’m always fascinated in how they can make those different designs in the sky.  I watched a show once on how they packed each shell and used different types of explosives to make different colors.  I really have no idea what I was watching really.  I’m going to school to become a nurse, but a pyrotechnic.  That job does sound fun tho.  Maybe I’ll one day find a hot stud to marry who also makes fireworks.  We could make our own fireworks together….hehehehe

Cool Fireworks Over Water

Exciting Stuff


#1 What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done? (non sexual)
#2 What’s the most exciting sex you’ve had? (I’m not talking about the best sex, but the most exciting)

My answers:

#1 My girlfriends and I stole a dog from a neighbor’s back yard. The poor doggie had been tied there for days, with no food or water. This guy was a real a*hole, and we knew he’d get violent if he would catch us in his yard. It was a very thrilling sensation, but invigorating, knowing that we were doing something good. And yes, we rescued the dog and two years later one of my friends is still the proud owner of a very grateful, very mixed-race dog 🙂

#2 Sex on a boat that lost its engine in the middle of the ocean, in  pretty rough seas. We figured that if we were going to die, we’d better have a last toss on the hay before. I can’t remember the sex itself, but I remember the wild sensation of doing it right then and there. It was sooo exciting!


Please leave your answers as comments. I really look forward to knowing more about you guys 🙂

Loving the Holiday Season!

I love this time of the year, with all the lights, gifts and decorations everywhere. After the holidays pass, the stores and the city in general look so sad and empty… But right now, it’s all glitter and happiness, and that uplifts my little heart 🙂 I mainly love the twilight hour, when you walk on the street and can see the contrast between the intensely lit stores and the darkness outside. It’s magical!

My mom is staying at my place these days, since we had a loss in our family this year, and I didn’t want her to be alone these days. But we’re having a really good time, going shopping, baking muffins (I love muffins!), and visiting relatives. And then at night, once I drop her off, that’s when the real fun starts! I’ve been going out with some of my girlfriends (very wild girls, wow!), and meeting lots of new people, trying new drinks and in general being a bad girl. Hey, that’s what the season is about, being jolly, right?

So Proud of Myself!

Hi guys! I haven’t written here in a while because I was so busy with moving to my new house and then school. But both of those are now done. The move is complete, and school is out for Christmas vacation starting today, after ten crazy days of tests. And… I got a perfect score in both Chemistry and Anatomy. Almost perfect in Calculus (who needs Calculus to be a nurse????) and Writing Skills.

I studied really hard, but it all paid off, plus I want to personally thank all of you who sent me messages wishing me luck in my tests.

With lots and lots of kisses!

Keira Verga

End of First Week of Torture!

Friday is here, and it’s the end of my first week in college. God, it’s been so boring! Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy. I understand that I will need lots of anatomy, but Biology? It’s not like I’m going to be nursing frogs or protozoa!

At this point I can’t even look at a science book without getting dizzy. But, the weekend is here and I am so ready for partying! It’s club hopping night and I’m going to taste every hot club in town. See ya tomorrow boys!