Do You Like My Hair Straight?

Hi Guys ūüėČ

Hey….do you like my hair straight or really curly? ¬†Hey….my hair. ¬†I’m asking about my hair here…..LOL. ¬†Ok, so I am being a huge smarty pants asking about my hair and using this picture. ¬†See…I told you I liked to mess around and have fun. ¬†Seriously though, what do you guys think about my hair? ¬†My natural hair is the really kinky and curly look you see most of the time. ¬†I like the straight look a lot to. ¬†Makes me look different I think. ¬†The only problem is it takes close to two hours with a straightening iron to get it to look like that. ¬†This girl just doesn’t have that kind of time each day. ¬†If you guys like it, I can make it look like that in more of my videos. ¬†If you like my curly look I’ll keep it like that. ¬†Your opinion counts! ¬†Now you can go back to looking at my cock ūüôā

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