TS Keira Verga

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TS Keira Verga

My name is Keira Verga, I am 18 years old and as you probably noticed, I am a shemale. Or at least you will notice on the next photo in this slide ;) More »

TS Keira Verga

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Shemale In Boots

What is it with me and all my dresses?  I just love the ability to wear a cute dress that matches my mood for the day. Today I’m feeling frisky so my short black skirt and top are rather appropriate don’t you think?  I think the boots were a fitting touch.  Now, you don’t think for a moment that they are going to stay on very long do you?  This tranny LOVES to be nude and today is no exception.

Don’t I have a sexy gleam in my eye?

Look what is poking out to say hi 🙂

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Perky Tranny In Stripped Dress

Hi baby!  This is a sun set I did with a cute red stripped dress I found tucked away in my closet the other day.  I thought it was really neat, so why not take some sexy shot in it right?  What do you think?  Should I do a movie with it on as well.  Hmmmm…..how about I’m a sexy candy stripper and you need my sucker to feel better?  Oh, isn’t that a naughty and sexy thought.  I’m getting so excited just thinking about that.  How about you. Would you want to play along with me?

I really like how my legs look in my red pumps.

You can see my cute shemale tushy peeking out.

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Tranny Tube | Watch Me Stroking

Hi all you sexy fans of mine 😉  I have something special to share with you today.  I came across a really cool new tranny tube that I spent pretty much all my afternoon watching vidoes.  I found myself so horny after a while I couldn’t help myself.  I think you know what happened next…hehe.  No, I wasn’t thinking and didn’t have a camera close by to film my fun, but never fear.  As soon as I was finished I uploaded a hot video of me stroking my cock on my bed I did a while ago.  This new site is super HOT!  Check out my video below, then go over and see all the other hot shemale videos.  I bet you’ll be stroking in no time like I was.

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Sensual Teen Tranny

I thought it would be nice to do a sensual black and white shoot at my house.  I thought it really came out nice don’t you?  Of course I gave sneak peak of my pretty shemale cock.  You wanted to see it right?  I know you want to feel it get hard while you stroke it.  Just think of the fun we could have.  I know I do.  Hope you like these pictures.  I should did like making them for you 🙂

I’m feeling so sexy right now.  YUM!

I know what you are thinking?  Naughty, Naughty…hehe

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Like Webcams?

I love webcams and Im so excited to announce that Angeles Cid is doing a show on Monday the 13th of October at 2pm eastern time and I cant wait to watch. She has a massive cock that feels soooo good slamming into your ass that you will shoot your load all over the floor.

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Some free photos of Angeles.

Tits outdoors
Topless outdoors

Sexy round ass and heels.

How could you not want to see this amazing shemale getting naked on webcam.

Teen Shemale In Pigtails

I went to bed last night and my hair was wet, so I put in pigtails so I wouldn’t have such a mess this morning.  I think I look cute.  What do you think?

I think the stocks were a nice touch as well 🙂

Do you think my tight tranny ass is cute?

Oh…..my cock looks so hard there.  Guess what?  It was…hehe

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Nikki Montero on Webcam tomorrow

Yep thats right. Tomorrow at 6PM central time Nikki will be doing a webcam show. Follow the link below.

Date. 9/13/2014

Place: http://transgirlcams.com/chat/nikki_montero

XOXO Keira

Pretty Shemale Jerks Her Shecock

I have a naughty little secret.  I love to have my tushy fondled, fingered, and penetrated almost as much as having my cock played with.  I’m soooo sensitive back there and it doesn’t take me long to orgasm when a big cock is thrusting deep inside me.  Today I thought I’d tease you a little and see if you want to fuck me in my tight tranny ass.  Do you?  I want you to, and I’ll show you how badly I want your cock baby.  Tell me you want me.  I need to hear it, PLEASE!

Cum Inside Baby And Watch Me Finish!

Look Into My Eyes

Hi Guys!

I really like my eyes in this picture.  What do you think.  I don’t often wear a lot of makeup on my eyes, but today I decided to spice it up a little and went with some heavy black eye liner and maskera.  I really like the effect.  Next time, I’m going to do the same thing, but with my hair straight and see how much of a difference it makes.  I always think I look a lot different with my hair straight than with it curly.  Who knows, pretty soon people will think I have a twin on my site.  Oh Geeez, and they will be asking us to do a scene together.  Please give me your thoughts about the makeup.  I would really appreciate it 😉

Keira Vergas Holding Her Huge Tranny Cock

Teen Tranny In Black Dress

I love this dress so much.  Makes me so sexy with the way it hangs and is so sleek and sheer.  I wanted to show everybody how good it looked too. Of course, you do get a sneak peak of what’s under it as well 😉

Care to guess what I’m thinking?

Well…I did say the dress excited me……hehe

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